What is a speed trap in Formula One?

Speed Trap in Formula One


The Speed Trap is one of the most important performance mechanisms in Formula One. It is usually set at the fastest point on the given circuit and placed at the longest straight of the track.

Its location may vary from track to track, sometimes it is in the middle of the straight or sometimes it’s just before the braking point. In general, however speed traps are installed in the middle of the longest straights where the accurate top speed is expected since by the end of the straight the battery has already lost a huge amount of power.


The speed trap readings can help in figuring out the fuel loads, engine performance modes, engine performance levels as well as the car downforce settings of a particular car. A higher downforce setting would result in a lower speed trap reading and is generally an indicator of the team’s strategy going into the race.

Fastest Speed Trap

The Fastest speed trap record in held by Valterri Bottas when he hit a top speed of 378 Km/h during the practice sessions at the 2016 Azerbaijan Grand Prix.

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