World Cup 1990

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Where Was The 1990 FIFA World Cup Held?

The vote to decide who the hosts for the 1990 FIFA World Cup was held on 19th May, 1984, in Zurich, Switzerland. Out of the 16 total votes, USSR received 5 votes but were beaten by Italy who received 11 votes. Italy was decided as the host for the 1990 FIFA World Cup. Twelve stadiums in twelve different cities hosted the games in the 1990 FIFA World Cup. Two stadiums, namely The Stadio San Nicola in Bari and Turin's Stadio delle Alpi were completly new stadiums, opened just to host the 1990 FIFA World Cup.

San SiroStadio OlimpicoStadio delle AlpiStadio San Paolo
45°28′40.89″N 9°7′27.14″E41°56′1.99″N 12°27′17.23″E45°06′34.42″N 7°38′28.54″E40°49′40.68″N 14°11′34.83″E
Capacity: 74,559Capacity: 73,603Capacity: 62,628Capacity: 59,978
Stadio San Paolo (Napoli vs Club Brugge) - panoramio (4).jpg
Bari1990 FIFA World Cup is located in ItalyRomeRomeMilanMilanNaplesNaplesTurinTurinBariBariVeronaVeronaFlorenceFlorenceCagliariCagliariBolognaBolognaUdineUdinePalermoPalermoGenoaGenoaFlorence
Stadio San NicolaStadio Comunale
41°5′5.05″N 16°50′24.26″E43°46′50.96″N 11°16′56.13″E
Capacity: 51,426Capacity: 38,971
Soccer in Florence, Italy, 2007.jpg
Stadio Marc'Antonio BentegodiStadio Friuli
45°26′7.28″N 10°58′7.13″E46°4′53.77″N 13°12′0.49″E
Capacity: 35,950Capacity: 35,713
Italy - Verona - Stadio Marcantonio Bentegodi.jpgStadio "Friuli" - panoramio.jpg
Stadio Sant'EliaStadio Renato Dall'AraStadio La FavoritaStadio Luigi Ferraris
39°11′57.82″N 9°8′5.83″E44°29′32.33″N 11°18′34.80″E38°9′9.96″N 13°20′32.19″E44°24′59.15″N 8°57′8.74″E
Capacity: 35,238Capacity: 34,520Capacity: 33,288Capacity: 31,823
Stadio Dall'Ara 01-02-2020.jpgStadio Luigi Ferraris di Genova.jpg

Who Was The 1990 World Cup Winner?

The 1990 FIFA World Cup was won by West Germany. West Germany lost in the finals of the previous edition of the FIFA World Cup but managed to go all the way in 1990 and lifted the 1990 FIFA World Cup trophy. West Germany was drawn into Group D alongside Yugoslavia, Columbia, and United Arab Emirates. West Germany topped their group with dominant wins against Yugoslavia and United Arab Emirates and a draw against Columbia.

West Germany then beat Netherlands in the Round of 16 and Czechoslovakia in The Quarter-finals to reach the Semi-finals stage of the FIFA World Cup. West Germany faced England in the Semi-finals of the 1990 FIFA World Cup. After an intense game that ended 1-1 after extra time, the match went into penalties where West Germany managed to emerge victorious by winning 4-3 in the penalty shootout. West Germany had now advanced into the finals of the tournament and were set to face Argentina.

This matchup was a repeat of the final in the previous edition of the FIFA World Cup. West Germany had lost the previous outing 3-2 and were ready to have their revenge. A late 85’ penalty goal by West Germany player Andreas Brehme saw West Germany beat Argentina 1-0 in the 1990 FIFA World Cup final to win the FIFA World Cup trophy.

Which Teams Were In The 1990 World Cup?

AFC (2)
CAF (2)
OFC (0)
  1. None qualified
UEFA (14)

Who Was The Top Scorer In The 1990 World Cup?

Italian player Salvatore Schillaci ended up as the top goal scorer in the 1990 FIFA World Cup with 6 goals. Schillaci scored 6 goals in 6 different games in the 1990 FIFA World Cup. He scored in Italy’s every game but one. He scored 2 goals in the group stage vs Austria and Czechoslovakia, in the Round of 16 stage vs Uruguay, in the Quarter-finals vs Repubic of Ireland and in the Semi-finals vs Argentina, where despite Schillaci’s efforts, Italy was knocked out by Argentina on penalties. He scored his 6th and final goal vs England in the third place playoff match.

What Was The 1990 World Cup Trophy?

The 1990 trophy presented to West Germany was The FIFA World Cup Trophy. The same trophy has been presented to all teams since the 1974 FIFA World Cup and West Germany paraded this trophy around the stadium after beating Argentina in the 1990 FIFA World Cup.

What Was The Official 1990 World Cup Ball?

The 1990 FIFA World Cup’s official ball was called the “Etrusco Unico”. This ball was produced by Adidas.