3 most memorable protagonists featured in the GTA Series

Image via vg247
Image via vg247

The GTA series is popular for featuring a diverse and unique assortment of criminal leads, each more violent than the other.

From street hustlers to power-hungry seductresses to raving-mad psychopaths, the GTA series has featured the greatest protagonists of all time.

This article takes a look at some of the most memorable protagonists featured in Grand Theft Auto.

3 most memorable protagonists featured in the GTA Series:

#3 Trevor Philips (featured in GTA 5)

Image via iggamesnews
Image via iggamesnews

Brought to life by Steven Ogg, Trevor Philips is the quintessential Grand Theft Auto protagonist.

Most criminals end up behind the bars or are defeated and left in the shadows by rising kingpins who enjoy controlling the predominant gangs of a city, but not Trevor Philips. His leadership qualities and unwavering attitude took him from being a retired bank robber to the owner of a sky-rocketing company called Trevor Philips Enterprises.

Although Trevor is often seen as a reckless man with a cynical soul, he is extremely loyal towards his friends and does not take kindly to threats and provocations. The unbridled chaos central to his character also allows players to do whatever the heck they've always wanted to do.

#2 Carl Johnson (featured in GTA: San Andreas)

Image via gta.fandom.com
Image via gta.fandom.com

Carl Johnson is the most raved-about character in the entire GTA series. He is the main protagonist featured in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, which is still considered the best GTA game ever.

Carl Johnson hails from Los Santos and is the second-in-command of The Grove Street Families, a street-gang based in Los Santos led by his older brother Sean Sweet Johnson.

Carl Johnson is exiled from the gang after the untimely death of his brother, Brian Johnson. The cause of Brian's death is not revealed but according to Sweet, Carl 'let Brian die' which indicated Carl could've helped his brother but, for reasons unknown, did not.

Carl moves to Liberty City and befriends Joey Leone. The two engage in car theft and other minor crimes.

Later in the game, Carl Johnson returns to Los Santos when his father is killed in a drive-by. The funeral rekindles the spark between Sweet and Carl and both decide to forego the past and rejuvenate Groove Street Families, which was barely scraping by.

Aside from having a profound backstory, Carl Johnson is also the first customizable character featured in the GTA series.

#1 Michael De Santa:

Image via denof.geek.com
Image via denof.geek.com

Michael De Santa is one of the most diverse characters featured in the GTA series. He has everything he's ever wanted. A life of luxury. A beautiful wife. Two amazing kids. But, as fate - or the GTA series - would have it, he spends most of his time wallowing in self-pity.

Money doesn't make him happy. A simple life devoid of perilous adventures leaves him feeling hollow and incomplete. There's only one thing in the world that makes gives him pleasure: Crime. So that's what he does.

Michael also becomes somewhat of a mentor to Franklin, whom he treats like the son he never had. His misery and criminal tendencies can get a little grating at times, but he's still one of the greatest protagonists featured in the GTA series.

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