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3 vehicles every GTA Online player should own

Image via GTA Wiki
Image via GTA Wiki
Sawera Dedar
Modified 13 Feb 2021
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One of the reasons why GTA Online is still the most rated franchise is that of all the super cool and amazing futuristic vehicles Rockstar keeps introducing to the game.

The game features several vehicles, and each is clad in a spell of irresistible charm. While some vehicles are tagged at insanely high rates, others cost a modest penny and offer more in return than some of the most expensive vehicles in the game.

This article highlights the top 3 vehicles that every GTA Online player should own.

3 vehicles every GTA Online player should own

#3 The Buzzard

For a helicopter that doesn't cost top dollar, the Buzzard is a high-speed GTA Online vehicle. With a top speed of 145 mph, this compact military helicopter zips through the air like a ball of fire.

The Buzzard also makes a great case for itself as a weaponized vehicle. Armed to the teeth, this chopper is capable of obliterating anyone and anything in its path.


A few taps on the CEO interaction menu are enough for the Buzzard to spawn exactly where the player needs it parked in the game. This saves a lot of time and unnecessary hassle.

This beast of a vehicle can be purchased from Warstock Cache & Carry for $1,750,000.

#2 The Armoured Kuruma

The Armored Kuruma is a civilian sports car boasting a four-door armored sedan body style.

Developed by the celebrated manufacturer, Karin, the Armored Kuruma is probably one of the best vehicles a player could save up in GTA Online.

The Armored Kuruma is equipped with a powerful five-cylinder engine and a five-speed gearbox and hosts too high acceleration. What's more, the armored Kuruma is super easy to handle, making it the perfect armored vehicle for novice players.

The Kuruma is also a must-have vehicle for contact missions. Contact missions are story-mode quests featured in GTA Online and are known for being super deadly in nature. The bullet-proof armour of the Karuma works as a shield for the player and protects them from the enemy's wrath.

Let's face it. Most GTA Online vehicles are costly, and at $525,000, the Armoured Karuma offers unparalleled value for money.

#1 The Oppressor MK II


The Oppressor MK II in GTA Online is essentially an upgraded version of the original Oppressor. The modified version is just as good at flying as it is at zipping through the bustling streets of the virtual world.

Above ground, the Oppressor MK II is recorded at a top speed of 130 mph and showcases extremely high acceleration, smooth handling and excellent traction.

Above water, the Oppressor MK II works like a hovercraft but is faster than most boats featured in GTA Online.

When the player pulls up the stick, the bike's wings unfold, launching it into the air, where it is recorded at a top speed of 110 mph.

Not only is the Oppressor MK II, one of the best weapons featured in GTA Online, but also a significant investment. No other weapon offers the player as much as this majestic flying bike.

It can be purchased from Warstock Cache & Carry for $3,890,250. A considerable discount is offered to players who own the Terrorbyte, in which case, the Oppressor MK II costs $2,925,000.

Published 13 Feb 2021, 16:15 IST
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