5 best defensive vehicles in GTA Online in 2022, ranked

GTA Online players should get these vehicles for improved defense (Images via GTABase)
GTA Online players should get these vehicles for improved defense (Images via GTABase)

GTA Online can be a warzone at times, and players must arm themselves with the best defensive vehicles.

There are a lot of vehicles in the game, but not all of them have a reliable defense. Players are frequently forced to flee or die in combat because their vehicles fail to withstand the enemy's attack.

Rockstar Games has made GTA Online's mechanics more effective by separating the combat vehicles into two distinct classes. One set is designed primarily for offense, while the other is geared more toward defense. Only a select few vehicles in the game can quickly execute both offensive and defensive maneuvers.

This article features a list of five defense-oriented vehicles in Grand Theft Auto Online.

Note: This article is subjective and solely reflects the writer's opinions.

Top 5 most effective defensive vehicles in GTA Online in 2022

5) Kosatka


The Kosatka is a heavily armed and armored watercraft in GTA Online. It is a nuclear-powered guided missile ship that doubles as a submarine base of operations.

This huge vessel can take fire from 12 homing missiles, four RPGs, and 10 explosive bullets without taking damage. It can be equipped with torpedoes, periscope missile launchers, and guided missile systems for attacks.

Although it is one of the weakest command centers in GTA Online, the Kosatka can go underwater to avoid detection by other players (unless they are in close proximity to the submarine).

4) Bravado Half-track


The Half-track serves as an armored and weaponized military vehicle in GTA Online. It is a hybrid of a Duneloader truck and a miniature military tank.

The vehicle can withstand a great deal of damage from gunfire and explosions. It can even have armor plating installed on the windows for added safety.

The Half-track is resistant to 23 rounds of explosive bullets, nine RPGs, and 27 homing rockets. However, its tanking capacity is cut in half whenever it is unoccupied by a player in GTA Online. It has a turret at the back that offers 360-degree attacking coverage.

3) Insurgent Pick-up Custom


The Insurgent Pick-up Custom is the third among Insurgent's customized iterations in GTA Online.

The vehicle has proven to be of great help in a variety of conflicts. It is capable of withstanding 27 homing missiles, nine RPGs, and 23 rounds of explosive bullets. The absence of bulletproof windows can be remedied by installing armor plates around them to provide additional protection.

For improvised attack capabilities, the Insurgent Pick-up Custom can also be outfitted with a machine gun, minigun, proximity mines, and an Anti-Aircraft Trailer.

2) Nightshark


The Nightshark is a four-door armored and weaponized off-road SUV in GTA Online. Players can use it to freely roam the streets without fear of being annihilated by enemy players.

The bulky vehicle is resistant to a wide variety of weapons, including 27 homing missiles, nine RPGs, 23 rounds of explosive bullets, and many more. However, the regular windows are not resistant to bullets, leaving the players open to danger. Armored window plates can be installed to mitigate this issue to some extent by drastically reducing the visible window area.

The Nightshark can also be fitted with a machine gun and an anti-aircraft trailer to boost its offensive capabilities.

1) Benefactor Terrorbyte


The Terrorbyte is an armored and weaponized expedition vehicle in GTA Online. It is a multitasking operations center that allows players to carry out specific missions. As a military vehicle, it is resistant to a wide range of weapons and explosives.

The vehicle is resistant to homing missiles and RPGs, taking 34 rounds of each before being damaged. Even 81 explosive bullets are no match for the massive beast. The bulletproof glass installed in the windows makes it extremely safe inside.

The Terrorbyte is equipped with a Multi-lock Missile Battery, which can lock on to five separate targets at once, allowing for a wide range of offensive options.

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