5 best weapons for playing GTA Online's deathmatch modes

List of weapons that are useful in GTA Online deathmatch missions (Image via Sportskeeda)
List of weapons that are useful in GTA Online deathmatch missions (Image via Sportskeeda)

GTA Online deathmatches are one of the most popular jobs in the game. It is a fun way to put your shooting and survival skills to the test when played in groups of two to four. Weapons are an important part of these missions, and players want to use their best weapons to help them.

While choosing a weapon should only be based on the requirements and comfort levels of the player, there are several fundamental considerations. The placement of the player and their proximity to the enemy are crucial factors when selecting a weapon.

From pistols and rifles to snipers, this article lists the five best weapons for GTA Online deathmatch missions.

Note: This article is subjective and only reflects the writer's opinions. The listing of the weapons does not follow any particular order.

Five best weapons for combat in GTA Online deathmatches

1) Special Carbine


The Special Carbine assault rifle has a high damage per shot rate and pinpoint accuracy. In GTA Online, the weapon has a 30-round magazine capacity that can be upgraded to 60-round or 100-round box magazines.

It has the same damage as a Gusenberg Sweeper gun and is more powerful than the Carbine Rifle and Assault Rifle. The Special Carbine also has a distinct knocking firing sound that appears to have greater impact force than other assault rifles.

The gun can be equipped with a flashlight, scope, suppressor, and grip for improved combat performance.

2) Combat MG


Combat MG is a light machine gun that deals a lot of damage. It has the ability to shoot down almost any aircraft, and no other moving fellow is safe from its wrath. It has a longer range but less accuracy than the Carbine Rifle.

The weapon has a magazine capacity of 100 rounds, which can be increased to 200 rounds with an extended clip in GTA Online. Aside from that, it can have a grip and a scope but no silencers.

It also has a noticeably lighter recoil than other MGs. However, reloading is somewhat slow, and the wielder typically has low mobility speeds.

3) Assualt Shotgun


The Assault Shotgun in GTA Online is an automatic shotgun that holds eight shells. It has a higher damage per pellet rate than other shotguns. There are six pellets per shot, with each pellet dealing 32 damage. If all the pellets hit the enemy, it will deal 192 damage.

It is one of the most powerful close-range weapons in GTA Online. However, due to its small magazine capacity and full-auto fire mode, players must reload frequently while using it.

It features a grip, flashlight, and silencer in addition to an extended clip that increases the gun's 8-round capacity to 32 rounds.

4) AP Pistol


The AP Pistol, as its name suggests, can pierce armor, which is a huge advantage in GTA Online deathmatches. It has reduced recoil and is significantly more accurate than other pistols. The amount of recoil can be further decreased by attaching a suppressor to it.

With an extended clip, the 18-round magazine's capacity can be increased to 36 shots. It is arguably the best go-to weapon in the game due to its high accuracy, rapid rate of fire, common ammo, high power, and big magazine size.

For increased combat utility, the gun can be equipped with a flashlight and a silencer.

5) Heavy Sniper


The Heavy Sniper is a semi-automatic sniper rifle in GTA Online that comes standard with six rounds of ammo. It has a very high damage per shot and can kill players up to rank 99 in a single hit.

As a sniper gun, it has a longer range and a faster fire rate of 50 RPM than other sniper guns. It has the second highest damage of any bullet weapon, only preceded by Marksman Pistol.

The fact that it isn't suppressor-compatible and emits a loud sound that can pinpoint the player's location is a big disadvantage.

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