5 best games like GTA 5 for 2 GB RAM Android devices (2021)

Five games like GTA 5 for Android devices (Image via Youtube /DesertRain MotionPictures)
Five games like GTA 5 for Android devices (Image via Youtube /DesertRain MotionPictures)
Viren Mirpuri

GTA 5 is the titleholder of being the best-selling video game in 24 hours. The game got very popular by the day of its release, and there were more than 11 million copies sold on the first day.

Many players still want to play the game but can't because they don't own a gaming console or PC. With the mobile gaming scene building up, many players love playing games on their phones.

For players looking for the GTA 5 experience, here is a list of the five games that get close to feeling that.

Games like GTA 5 that work on 2 GB RAM Android devices

5) Payback 2


Payback 2 is a mobile action game developed and published by Apex Designs Entertainment Ltd. The game was released in 2014 for Android devices under the title Payback 2 - The Battle Sandbox. Players can find similar gaming features like GTA 5, such as getting into vehicles and shooting other characters. This game has a story mode and a multiplayer mode for those who like to play with friends.

4) Madout 2 Big City Online


MadOut2 BigCity Online is a GTA 5 style 'sandbox' game where players get to play a two-bit criminal. The game has a captivating story where the protagonists progress to get tougher missions with time. Players can play the game using a keyboard or even a BlueTooth controller.

3) Auto Gangsters


Auto Gangsters is a game where players play as gangsters. The game has similar mechanics to GTA 5, where they can steal vehicles and use them to complete missions. The game has over 10 million downloads on the Play Store, and players can enjoy exploring San Andreas, Liberty City, and Vegas in the game.

2) Los Angeles Crimes


Los Angeles Crimes is an online game similar to GTA 5 Online. Players can engage in the game by playing with other players in an online environment. The game features amazing physics and has the famous ragdoll effect that brings life to the game when the player falls. The game also features over six maps that players can play within, making the game more extensive than many other mobile games.

1) Gangstar Vegas


Gangstar Vegas is a third-person open-world action-adventure game developed and published by Gameloft Montreal. The game is the sixth installment to the Gangstar series, which is the longest-running GTA-like series on the mobile store. The game features fantastic graphics and soundtracks that many players enjoyed. The game has several side activities like gang wars, bank robberies, street racing, and underground fighting tournaments.

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