5 best GTA 5 mods that transform the game entirely

GTA 5 has some amazing mods (Image via Sportskeeda)
GTA 5 has some amazing mods (Image via Sportskeeda)

GTA 5 is well-known for mods that allow gamers to not just enhance the base game, but change it completely. There are mods that affect the weather, NPCs, the protagonist, and even the city itself. There is much to choose from when it comes to mods that change the game into a whole new world for players to experience.

This article will talk about the five best mods that allow GTA 5 fans to change the game completely.

The 5 best game-changing GTA 5 mods

5. Superman mod


This mod is so much fun to try out because it really gives players the full Superman experience. Clark Kent, or Superman, as he is known to most, has brought his superhero powers to Los Santos.

While the above video showcases the unstoppable running speed and inhuman strength of Superman in the mod, players would also like to see some missions involving the hero saving the day, even if it involves chasing down muggers for old ladies.

4. No Water + Tsunami + Atlantis Mod


Created by ScriptMods, the above video showcases the mod where players live in the GTA 5 Waterworld. The tsunami part of this allows for some of the city to be free from flooding, while the Atlantis setting puts the untire map underwater, even the Maze Bank tower.

This inventive mod certainly changes the game more than can be expected. People can no longer walk around the city or drive their cars in many cases. It is a very entertaining mod to try out.

3. Vice Cry: Remastered mod


For some gamers, this mod deserves to be at the top of their list for so many reasons. It adds a working Vice City map to GTA 5, changing the game completely, and taking players back in time.

This is a must-try mod for anyone who is a fan of GTA Vice City. While there are other mods that allow GTA 5 fans to explore previous cities from the franchise, none are quite as clean-cut and impressive as the Vice Cry mod.



This mod, which stands for Los Santos Police Department First Response, is a brilliant way to turn the game on its head. Players can experience the game from the other side of the law.

This immersive mod allows gamers to experience every aspect of the game as a police officer. Going on duty involves creating a character and choosing his uniform and police vehicle.

1. Simple Zombies mod


This mod has to be the most exciting of all the mods on the list, if not of all time. The Simple Zombies mod allows players to turn the game into the land of the walking dead, where they must survive day-to-day and fend off hoards of zombies.

With new menus for survival, including items like tents, among other amenities needed for any apocalypse, gamers will love this modded version of the game and find themselves addicted in no time at all.

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