5 best GTA RP servers in 2024

A screenshot from the BlueBirdRP GTA server (Image via X/@BlueBirdRP)
A screenshot from the BlueBirdRP GTA server. (Image via X/@BlueBirdRP)

GTA 5 Roleplaying became more popular after Rockstar Games acquired the FiveM (Cfx.re) framework in August 2023. Subsequently, a wave of new players started joining RP servers to test the experience. Although the gaming studio offers an official multiplayer mode called Grand Theft Auto: Online, the RP servers differ from it and offer a more immersive multiplayer experience.

However, finding a suitable RP server is also an important task. This article lists five of the best GTA 5 RP servers you can join in 2024.

Note: Some parts of this article are subjective and only reflect the writer's opinions.

Five notable GTA 5 RP servers to try in 2024

1) NoPixel


When talking about the top GTA 5 RP servers, NoPixel is undoubtedly a popular name that comes up on the list. The developer recently updated the server from NoPixel 3.0 to NoPixel 4.0. According to its official website, the server currently has over 480,000 members. You find many popular celebrities, streamers, and gamers regularly on the NoPixel server.

However, the joining process is extremely tedious and can take a while. Since it is one of the most popular RP servers, the demand is also high. Therefore, the developers introduced different admission processes so that players can choose their own path at their convenience.

You can either opt for the free admission process and wait till approval, or become a paid member to make the admission process faster.

2) GTA Series Arcade


The GTA Series Arcade offers a unique RP gameplay experience compared to other servers. As the name implies, the popular FiveM-based Roleplaying server is primarily focused on arcade-style gameplay. You can take part in races, obstacle challenges, mini-games, and various other weekly challenges.

Since it is a new server, beginners can also join it easily. The server is maintained by a popular Grand Theft Auto YouTuber named GTA Series Videos. The developer also offers great perks if you buy their gameplay bundles. You can also create your own game modes using the Content Creator tool available on the server.

3) BlueBird RP


Although an Australian server, The BlueBird RP is open to all players globally. The popular GTA Roleplaying server is home to many renowned gamers and streamers. It offers various whitelisted jobs and businesses that you can do to contribute to the server economy. Some of the jobs include Civilian, Police, Ambulance/Paramedic, and Firefighter.

You can also opt for daily-wage jobs to make cash for daily survival. One server can host up to 300 players which collectively contribute to the operation of the in-game world. New players can also join the BlueBird RP server after agreeing to the 26 rules and additional warning notes.

4) CityLife RolePlay


If you are into serious roleplaying, then the CityLife RolePlay is one of the best GTA RP servers to get started with. It offers a wide range of game modes and membership tires that you can opt for manually. There are five different tiers of citizenship with different price tags. Needless to say, the more money you spend, the better quality of life you’ll enjoy in the game.

The developer also offers limited-edition vehicles, skill boosters, limited items, and many other purchasable items. You can heavily customize your gameplay experience. However, each member must also follow all 21 rules to remain on the server.

5) EchoRP


While most other Roleplaying servers offer a similar kind of gameplay with minor changes here and there, the main USP of the EchoRP server is that it offers a balanced in-game economy.

While Grand Theft Auto Online is notorious for charging ridiculous amounts of money even for the most basic things, EchoRP ditches that aspect allowing players to enjoy the game without worrying about grinding constantly.

According to its official website, the GTA 5 RP gameplay server currently has over 45,000 members. It is a community-driven server that offers unique clothing, realistic vehicle handling, support for custom scripts, and many more features.

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