5 best heist crew members in GTA Online

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Given the complex nature of the heists featured in GTA Online, players need a reliable crew of skilled criminals at their command.

Prestigious crew members are, of course, super expensive, as they take a solid chunk as a cut from the overall loot. Mediocre members seeking an opportunity to be hired often aren't as competitive as the others, but they charge relatively low, so it makes sense to keep them on the list of considerations.

This article talks about five of the best/most reliable crew members featured in GTA Online. The listicle doesn't necessarily highlight members with high ratings. The investment made on each member is noteworthy, so the article ranks them according to a number of factors.

5 best heist crew members in GTA Online

#5 Karl Abolaji

Image via GTA Wiki
Image via GTA Wiki
Mr. Abolaji. Solid. Take him on a job, just don't ask him about the psychiatric industry.

Karl Abolaji may not be the best gunman in the world, but he's definitely good enough to nail down the job. Moreover, since he doesn't have an impressive portfolio at his command, his cut is really modest at about 8%. This allows the player to save up as much loot for themselves as possible.

As a freelance gunman who barely gets any fair gigs to live off of, Karl Abolaji doesn't exactly keep an arsenal full of deadly weapons at his disposal, given how expensive high-end weapons can be. However, his reputation or lack thereof, means that he will do his best to satisfy the leader of the crew so they don't compensate his peanut pay.

Defnitely one of the best crew members featured in GTA Online, especially for players who don't mind compromising on quality in favor of the overall result.

#4 Karim

Image via GTA Wiki
Image via GTA Wiki
Ah, okay. This one's new blood. I've seen him drive but I haven't seen him under pressure. - Lester

Karim, like Karl, has the lowest stats of all, but considering how low his cut is, he's definitely worth a shot. This is especially true since the player doesn't really need a bunch of high-end vehicles to make a quick escape. They can simply steal a police car.

As Lester puts it, Karim is "new blood," which means he will do his best to impress one of his first clients.

#3 Paige

Image via GTA Wiki
Image via GTA Wiki
Harris. Good. Feminine touch. She'll be able to find any back doors they got.

Paige is the best crew member in GTA Online with the highest rates of all. She is a skilled hacker and will nail the job like no one else.

Moreover, Paige is not just a nobody in GTA Online. Everyone knows who Paige Harris is - the underworld queen who hands out exclusive client featured jobs. These jobs are highly lucrative and naturally make the player want to work with Paige.

Paige demands a 15% cut, and taking into account her expertise in the field, she will be worth every penny in GTA Online.

#2 Chester McCoy

Image via GTA Wiki
Image via GTA Wiki
All this new hardware on the market, seems like folks are finally starting to smarten up a little, huh? Getting real about the problems in our society. Still no harm in a little extra prep. You bring me an APC, and FAV or whatever damn thing you got your hands on, and we'll see about giving you a properly competitive edge.

Chester McCoy is one of the most skilled gunmen featured in GTA Online, with decent rates and an impressive portfolio.

He demands a 10% cut, making him one of the most expensive crew members in GTA Online. Although players don't really need a highly-efficient gunman, McCoy is quite the quality-oriented guy and will make sure things don't go downhill at the last moment.

#1 Eddie Toh

Image via GTA Wiki
Image via GTA Wiki
Eddie Toh. Well you can count on him to get you out of a spot.

Eddie is undoubtedly one of the most professional getaway drivers featured in GTA Online. Lester believes players can always rely on him, no matter how dire the situation, and if Lester says he's good, then there's no doubt about him.

He keeps a 9% cut in GTA Online, second only to Chester McCoy.

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