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5 most useful weapons in GTA Online Freemode lobbies

Image via GTA Wiki
Image via GTA Wiki
Sawera Dedar
Modified 23 Mar 2021
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Playing GTA Online in Freemode is not always beer and skittles. In fact, most of the time, in a world as fraught with danger as GTA Online, it's natural for players to be armed to the teeth with the most destructive weapons out there.

For some reason, people take fancy to blowing fellow players apart just for the heck of it - especially Oppressor MK II over-enthusiasts. This article takes a look at 5 of the best weapons players can use in GTA Online Freemode lobbies.

5 most useful weapons in GTA Online Freemode lobbies

#5 The Special Carbine

Equipped with a 60-round standard magazine and a 100-round dual-drum, the Special Carbine is a popular assault rifle.

The Special Carbine is capable of turning the enemy into a mangled mass of blood and gore in the span of a second. The Carbine is capable of severe damage and comes equipped with sharp accuracy and effective range.

All in all, this weapon is a big save in GTA Online that Freemode fans wouldn't want to miss out on.


#4 - The Heavy Sniper

The Heavy Sniper is a powerful weapon in GTA Online that takes after the popular Caliber Barret M82 rifle.

Packed with a number of awe-worthy features like the floating handguard and compact short barrel (CQB), the Heavy Sniper is an absolute must-have in GTA Online. It also comes equipped with a suppressor, which makes stealth crimes feel like a walk in the park.

#3 The Up-n-Atomizer

The Up-n-Atomizer is a futuristic weapon that boasts a super unique and sturdy design. This handheld blaster is perhaps the most special and lethal weapon featured in GTA Online.

When the player pulls the trigger, the Atomizer fires a glowing beam that explodes upon impact with the target. Like the Stun Gun, the Up-n-Atomizer recharges after every two seconds, so the player never has to worry. This makes it one of the most useful weapons in GTA Online Freemode lobbies, where unexpected assaults and unpredictable attacks are considered completely normal.

#2 The AP Pistol:


The AP Pistol never fails to make a great case for itself, being one of the most devastating weapons featured in GTA Online.

This pistol features an incredibly light recoil and a decent 18-round magazine that can be upgraded upon customization. Players can also have a suppressor installed into the weapon, which is a wonderful tool for stealth kills.

The AP Pistol unlocks after the Three's Company mission and is available for purchase at Ammu-Nation for $5000.

#1 The Widowmaker

The widowmaker is perhaps the most expensive weapon featured in GTA Online, priced at a whooping $449,000.

This beast of a weapon is heavily based on the popular minigun. Both guns come equipped with the same kind of features, accuracy and ammo.

The Widowmaker takes about 12 body shots to kill an enemy, and owing to the insanely high fire rate of the machine gun, 12 body shots will take barely 0.22 seconds.

Overall, the Widowmaker is one of the most lethal weapons featured in GTA Online and enables a chaotic Freemode session.

Published 23 Mar 2021, 00:31 IST
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