5 biggest mistakes that GTA Online beginners make

Beginners in GTA Online should avoid making these errors at all costs (Image via GTAall)
Beginners in GTA Online should avoid making these errors at all costs (Image via GTAall)

GTA Online is a popular but not particularly beginner-friendly game. Unlike the story mode, the multiplayer version offers no help or instructions to new players as they begin their in-game careers. Rockstar Games puts players in the middle of the map, persuading them to forge their own paths.

Being lonely in GTA Online, players are more likely to make mistakes and not be able to achieve a lot. While they can be considered honest blunders that help them along the learning curve, avoiding them in the first place is also desirable.

This article lists the top five mistakes that GTA Online newcomers make and should avoid at all costs.

Note: This article is subjective and only reflects the writer's opinions. Listings are not in any order.

5 GTA Online rookie mistakes to avoid at all costs

1) Spending money on unnecessary and expensive items


GTA Online provides a plethora of goods, services, and commodities. Most of them are exorbitantly priced and serve no actual purpose in the game aside from aesthetics. Rockstar has gone to great lengths to ensure that these items entice players, particularly newcomers.

At the start of the game, players do not have much money or errands to run. Players can spend the small amount of money they earn by mostly doing contact missions in a matter of seconds. Ergo, players should always save money to buy essential items such as versatile weapons, armored vehicles, high-end apartments, the Kosatka submarine, etc.

2) Fighting with other players


While griefing is common in Grand Theft Auto Online, not every player enjoys it. Most experienced and professional players avoid griefers or griefing other players because it ruins the gameplay experience. New players should also avoid such activities because they do not have much to protect themselves.

Other players in the lobby may be more experienced and have more powerful weapons that can easily annihilate low-level players. Engaging in combat with them will not benefit the new players because they will be killed easily by others.

3) Not utilizing weekly discounts


While GTA Online players should avoid frivolous spending at all costs, it is also a mistake not to take advantage of the weekly discounts to purchase the necessary items. Every Thursday, Rockstar offers great discounts on some vehicles, properties, and businesses. Although not all discounted offers are generally helpful, players should buy their requisite assets.

GTA Online also provides double-money benefits with some business discounts. Players should check the discounts and increases regularly to get the most out of the game. While discounts save a lot of money, double money improves the grinding outcome, which benefits the new players.

4) Unprepared for heists


Heists are the backbone of GTA Online gameplay. Most heists require one or more crew members to execute the missions. Joining heist crews unprepared is a common mistake made by new players in the beginning.

Whether joining a random or a friend's heist crew, players should always be fully equipped with ammo, armor, and snacks before the heist begins. Players require these items between missions, and getting eliminated due to a lack of utilities can be frustrating for the players and their teammates.

5) Doing contact missions too quickly


Contact missions are the primary source of income for new players. They are extremely useful to players because there is nothing newcomers can do at the start of the game. In the gaming community, it is commonly assumed that completing a mission as quickly as possible earns more money. While this is true for most games, GTA Online does the opposite.

Contact missions should be completed in 15 minutes when played at a slow pace. While moving normally or fast, players should spend at least 5 minutes completing the missions. Accomplishing them in less than 5 minutes earns less money, which is insignificant.

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