5 GTA Vice City missions that could be recreated in GTA 6

Vice City missions fans would love to see in GTA 6 (Image via Pinterest)
Vice City missions fans would love to see in GTA 6 (Image via Pinterest)

GTA Vice City and its missions are forever iconic and will be remembered as childhood nostalgia by numerous fans worldwide. With Grand Theft Auto 6 rebooting in the iconic "retro-city," fans anticipate the developers will recreate some of the original missions in the upcoming game.

Although GTA 6's story and the overall plot will be vastly different from Vice City, Rockstar Games is known for surprising fans by including Easter eggs from previous games. GTA 6 should include comprehensive references to Vice City, similar to how the devs recreated the cycle chase scene of CJ, Ryder, and Big Smoke in the Hood Safari mission of Grand Theft Auto 5.

This article lists five Vice City missions that Rockstar should include in the upcoming Grand Theft Auto title.

Note: This article is subjective and only reflects the writer's opinions. The listed points are in no particular order.

GTA 6: 5 iconic Vice City missions that will be fun to see in the game

1) Publicity Tour


Fans of Love Fist will be overjoyed to see their favorite band return to the stage in GTA 6. The iconic mission was one of the game's most challenging, nail-biting, and thrilling missions. Hardcore players are kept on the edge of their seats as they attempt to save their band literally from a blast.

It would be insane to replay the mission where Jason or Lucia (the two alleged GTA 6 protagonists) drive the band members down the road without stopping or slowing down as they try to defuse the bomb with continual shouts and humorous remarks.

In the original game, Tommy takes the band to their gig when the mission occurs. While the story for the upcoming game is unknown, this mission will be an enjoyable addition.

2) Sir, Yes, Sir!


Another exciting mission in which players get to drive a Rhino tank will be a welcome addition to GTA 6. These missions are exhilarating with a time limit or self-destruction period, and players enjoy taking on the game's challenges.

In the original mission, Tommy steals a tank from a military parade and transports it to the garage. While the Rhino is a near-indestructible and full-protection vehicle with a powerful cannon, players cannot enjoy it for long due to a detonation bomb and a 3-star police chase.

3) G-Spotlight


Although the mission name and the opening cutscene are a little explicit, the mission is thrilling. Tommy does some extreme stunts on a PCJ-600 motorcycle, including jumping over several building rooftops.

In Grand Theft Auto 5, Franklin rides down Mt. Chiliad on a bike after jumping out of a helicopter in a similar stunt sequence. Recreating this mission in GTA 6 will be a superb idea as the open world of Vice City will now be more vast and inclusive.

4) Death Row


Tommy tries to save his partner Lance Vance from Ricardo Diaz in this mission. Ricardo kidnaps Lance as he attempts but fails to attack him. Ricardo's men keep Lance in the junkyard, where he is tortured.

GTA 6 could have a mission where Jason or Lucia go to rescue the other from enemies. The mission could include some exciting gunfights and action scenes, similar to the original, as the improved mechanics of the upcoming game have the potential to improve the mission experience significantly.

5) Demolition Man


One could argue whether or not to replay the notorious Demolition Man, but it is one of the most iconic missions in the series. When players hear about it, they are transported back to a time of anger and frustration, accompanied by the thrilling experience of completing the mission.

Rockstar could bring the excitement back to GTA 6 by remaking this mission as a side quest rather than one of the main missions as it was previously. Hardcore gamers will be ecstatic to see a modernized version of this mission in the upcoming game.

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