GTA 6 protagonist voice actress has apparently been revealed

People have claimed to find GTA 6 protagonist
People have claimed to find GTA 6 protagonist's voice actress (Images via Sportskeeda)

It has only been two days since the GTA 6 leaks emerged, and fans have already discovered the identity of the voice actress for one of the game's protagonists. Though this is not a new theory, the clips have provided more evidence to support it.

Fans believe this could be a significant breakthrough in the insight of the upcoming Grand Theft Auto game, as they may gain more insight into the gameplay from the protagonists.

GTA 6’s voice actress conjecture has been confirmed after recent leaks

Alexandra Cristina Echavarri, a singer, actress, and voice-over artist, has been speculated to be the voice artist of Lucia, one of the main protagonists in the upcoming Grand Theft Auto 6. A Twitter user named Lukas Kanik shared two images where an online resume of the actress can be seen.

@Zai603 Voice actress of Lucia in GTA 6 rumored to be Alexandra Cristina Echavarri based on her professional profile, where she mentioned her work as principal character in Rockstar game. #gta6 #gtavi

Alexandra mentioned working for a "Principal Character" with Rockstar Games under Take 2 Productions on her resume. This discovery, along with some of her previous voice-over work, led some people to believe she was working on the GTA 6 project.

Some have also compared her appearance to Lucia from the leaks and discovered an uncanny resemblance.

God i love the Internet! Seems like "Lucia" in GTA 6 will be voiced by Alexandra Cristina Echavarri even the look matches. Compared her voice with the leaked footage. Seems like we have a match!

In Grand Theft Auto 5, Ned Luke, Steven Ogg, and Shawn Fonteno were the voice actors and also the main characters of the game. Based on this theory, people have also speculated that Alexandra could be the role model for Lucia in GTA 6.

Michael, Franklin and Trevor were all based on their actors so, I wonder if anyone can pinpoint an actor on these characters.…

Rockstar and Alexandra herself have not released any official statements as of now. Therefore, it cannot be assumed to be completely true. However, the artist's profile has recently been updated, and the name Rockstar Games has been removed from her work experience.

Recent update of Alexandra's resume (Image via Actors Access website)
Recent update of Alexandra's resume (Image via Actors Access website)

Rockstar’s statement about GTA 6 leaks

A day after the GTA 6 leaks, Rockstar took to Twitter to issue an official statement. The game company expressed their dismay at the incident and also promised to provide updates on the game as soon as it is ready.

A Message from Rockstar Games

While they have admitted that the leaked information is related to the upcoming Grand Theft Auto game, no specific elements have been accepted or denied. As a result, fans are still skeptical about the authenticity of some of the leaks.

Some have also complimented Rockstar on their incredible work revealed in the leaks and praised the developers for their efforts.

@RockstarGames While keeping in mind the game is still in very early stages, the leaked footage look incredible. The devs did a great job and they should be proud of it.

While new discoveries about the game are made every day, gamers are advised to rely only on official sources and not take any untrustworthy news at face value. The entire Esports community is excited about the game, and everyone is expected to show some true sportsmanship about the matter.

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