5 things a GTA RP beginner should know about the game

Things to know before joining GTA RP (Image via DeviantArt)
Things to know before joining GTA RP (Image via DeviantArt)

GTA RP is one of Grand Theft Auto 5's most popular unofficial multiplayer modes. The roleplaying servers are created and maintained by third-party creators with whom Rockstar Games has no direct affiliation. With GTA 5 and Online being almost a decade old and the next Grand Theft Auto game still in development, players are taking a keen interest in this game mode.

However, these RP servers are tricky to join and have numerous rules and regulations to follow. With new players attempting to enter the roleplaying servers, this article outlines five things a new player should be aware of before joining the game.

Note: This article is subjective and only reflects the writer's opinions.

5 things every GTA RP newcomer should learn beforehand

1) Own a legal copy of GTA 5


Most reputable RP servers require players to have a legal copy of the Rockstar Games title. These servers are essentially mods that operate under the client’s peer-to-peer connections. While pirated copies of the game can be found on the internet, they are cracked at different times and with different patches.

A common version of the title is required to keep the servers running smoothly. The game also needs additional mods to be played. Therefore, the creators encourage players to buy a legal copy, which will have the same build version and patches for everyone.

2) Understand the abbreviations


GTA RP players communicate using specialized terms and codes. The RP experience differs from the standard Grand Theft Auto Online and has general rules and codes of conduct for all players. While numerous forums, guides, and threads are available to learn about the game, newcomers often overlook the abbreviations. Some of them are:

  • EMS = Emergency Medical Services
  • ERP = Erotic Roleplay
  • IC = In Character
  • NLR = New Life Rule
  • ICU: Intensive Care Unit
  • NVL = No Value of Life
  • RDM = Random Deathmatch
  • VCB = Visual Contact Broken
  • VDM = Vehicle Deathmatch

Others include Metagaming, Powergaming, FailRP, FearRP, Streamsniping, and more.

3) Never go OOC


The OOC in GTA RP stands for Out of Character. While roleplaying on the servers, players are required to act as normal Grand Theft Auto 5 NPCs would. Personal life decisions should not impact the game or the roleplaying character as it would ruin the experience for others.

These roleplay servers have very strict rules and may instantly ban or remove users for engaging in unethical conduct, such as OOC, on the server. To avoid the aforementioned consequences, players should always keep these points in mind, especially if they are new to the game.

4) Roleplaying is not like GTA Online


Newcomers frequently confuse roleplaying with a GTA Online-style environment. They are, in fact, diametrically opposed to the official multiplayer version. Players in this game do not try to establish dominance by making more money, killing other players, or wreaking havoc on the streets.

Roleplaying servers provide a slow and calm environment in which one must remain true to their character's personality. If a player joins the server as a parent, they must perform parenting activities and cooperate with other players whenever needed. New players must understand this game aspect to have a positive gaming experience.

5) Different servers, different rules


This is basic knowledge for all role players. While most servers share some common rules, each has its own set of policies. For example, in the GTA World RP server, players can only communicate via text, and the Eclipse EP prohibits players from harassing NPCs, hacking or cheating, trolling other players, etc.

Players must first learn the rules of the server they intend to join. While they are simple to understand, players must not get confused with those of other servers to avoid being banned from them.

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