5 of the biggest things GTA 6 leaked footage discloses

Listing 5 of the biggest things disclosed by GTA 6 leaked footage (Image via Kayak, GTA Base)
Listing 5 of the biggest things disclosed by GTA 6 leaked footage (Image via Kayak, GTA Base)

Grand Theft Auto (GTA) 6's leaked footage is the source of most of the things known about it at the moment. Around 90 video clips consisting of the game's development footage were leaked online in September 2022 following a network intrusion at Rockstar Games.

While the title will be officially revealed via a trailer in early December this year, the leaks disclosed some interesting things about the highly anticipated Grand Theft Auto sequel.

In this article, we will be taking a look at five of the biggest things the GTA 6 leaked footage discloses. However, readers must remember that anything seen in the leaks can be changed or omitted before the game launches.

GTA 6 leaked footage: Several accessible interiors and 4 more of the biggest things disclosed

1) Possible change in car theft mechanic


Stealing cars is one of the most basic elements of Grand Theft Auto games. Players can walk up to a vehicle and simply press a button to get inside, regardless of whether it is occupied or not. However, it seems that this feature might be changing to some degree in Grand Theft Auto 6.

An Immobilizer Bypass was seen being added to the protagonist's inventory in one of the leaked clips. It might be used for hijacking cars, suggesting that stealing vehicles in the sequel might not be very easy. Additionally, some in-game events suggest that auto theft attempts might not always be successful.

2) Detailed character animations


The more detailed character animations are in a video game, the more it helps with realism. Rockstar Games has lately made an effort to make its titles as realistic as possible, a great example of which is 2018's Red Dead Redemption 2. While Grand Theft Auto 5 doesn't really lack in this aspect, its sequel could feature much more detailed animations.

The GTA 6 leaked footage showcased intricate animations for some of the simplest things. Players might even be able to carry a rifle on their back instead of disappearing after switching to a different weapon. In-game characters also seem to protect their faces when under fire.

3) Several accessible interiors


The GTA 6 leaked footage also disclosed some of the game's debug code, among which was the mention of 157 interiors. This hints at the next Grand Theft Auto installment possibly featuring several accessible interiors, which is a major upgrade from Grand Theft Auto 5.

In fact, there are very few enterable buildings in Rockstar Games' 2013 release. This has been improved to some degree in its online mode, which gets a GTA Online weekly update every Thursday, via the introduction of multiple purchasable properties over the years.

4) Setting


Liberty City, Los Santos, and Vice City are three of the most prominent locations in the Grand Theft Auto franchise. The first two returned to the HD universe, but the third is yet to make an appearance after 2006's GTA Vice City Stories. That said, the leaked footage heavily suggested the sequel being set in Vice City.

It could look very different from its previous rendition, which has been the case with Liberty City and Los Santos' HD Universe versions. Some newer locations were also hinted at in the GTA 6 leaks besides Vice City, which might be inspired by other areas in Florida.

5) Lead characters


The Grand Theft Auto series has some of the most iconic protagonists in all of gaming. Lead characters are as important as anything else in video games, and it seems that Grand Theft Auto 6 could feature not one but two protagonists. In fact, the sequel reportedly features a male and female lead character duo allegedly named Jason and Lucia, respectively.

Both of them were featured heavily in the leaked footage, and while not much is known about their personalities at the moment, more information might be revealed in the GTA 6 trailer set to drop in December 2023.

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