5 changes to the GTA series fans generally didn't like

Image via The Official Empire (YouTube)
Image via The Official Empire (YouTube)

Not all changes to the GTA formula are met with universal praise; some of them are bound to have fans that don't like it at all.

Generally, the later GTA titles introduce some of the best features to the series. However, these popular titles also introduced some frustrating aspects about it that fans would've greatly preferred something else in its steed. Naturally, some fans would debate which features were good and which ones were bad, but at the end of the day, these features aren't as universally loved as some other great features.

It should go without saying that this article doesn't mean to portray GTA V as being worse than GTA III just because the latter isn't on this list and the former is. Everything is about context, and it's easier to analyze changes to the series when one compares the latest entries to the earlier ones. Some fans might like these changes, but plenty didn't.

Five changes to the GTA series fans generally didn't like

#5 - Removal of the Rhino tank at a six-stars Wanted Level

Image via GTA Wiki
Image via GTA Wiki

One of the main goals of GTA IV was to add more realism to the game. While it excels in some categories with this new philosophy, it also hampers the enjoyment of some players in others. One prime example of this is when Rockstar removed the Rhino tank and other military vehicles from when the player achieved a six-star Wanted Level.

Not only are the vehicles chasing the player weaker than those ones, but the player also can't find the aforementioned vehicles anywhere in GTA IV. The Rhino, Hydra, and Barracks don't exist in GTA IV, which meant that fans who enjoyed going on mindless rampages with the first two will be disappointed to hear that they cannot do it in GTA IV. There are many things to love about GTA IV, but fans still dislike this decision to this day.

#4 - Removal of Taxi Rides in GTA San Andreas

Image via GTA Wiki
Image via GTA Wiki

Most fans would say that they prefer GTA San Andreas over GTA Vice City, but there is one feature present in the latter that is completely absent in the former. Taxi Rides were a quality of life improvement introduced in GTA Vice City, especially since some players tended to fail missions often. If they fail a lot of missions in GTA San Andreas, well, then they're out of luck.

The player is going to have to drive all the way back to that mission marker in GTA San Andreas. Some later titles would return this feature, but its absence in GTA San Andreas is a notable one

#3 - Less extreme ragdoll physics in GTA V


Ragdoll physics is one of the most fun aspects of GTA IV, so fans were disappointed to see how GTA V's ragdoll physics was more subdued. While the physics were certainly more realistic than the other GTA titles, it lacked the charm of GTA IV's engine, which meant that it wasn't as fun killing off the protagonists in GTA V as it was in GTA IV.

This also extends to crashing out of one's vehicle. In GTA IV, a simple crash would send Niko a fair distance out of his car and through his windshield. The same crashes won't have the same effect in GTA V, which makes it less fun to goof around with. The good part about this feature being changed is that fans won't get frustrated easily just doing simple driving tasks, but incorporating the GTA IV ragdoll physics again could've still happened without the crashing aspect.

#2 - Driving mechanics in GTA IV

Image via Grand Theft Auto V Reddit
Image via Grand Theft Auto V Reddit

GTA IV's driving mechanics are some of the weirdest gameplay experiences in a GTA title. Compared to GTA V or GTA San Andreas, GTA IV's driving mechanics are so sluggish and awkward to navigate with. It's a shame, considering the overall physics in this game is very well-done and is arguably the best in the series.

However, there are plenty of fans who would be willing to consider GTA IV's driving as the worst in the series. It makes chase scenes feel weak and less action-oriented. Considering most fans tend to be casual in nature, this means that they often find the driving aspects of GTA IV to be a chore.

#1 - Flying weaponized bikes and cars in GTA Online

Image via Polygon
Image via Polygon

There's seldom a reason to use a vehicle with no weaponry attached to it in GTA Online. Even worse than that is the fact that most aircraft are simply outclassed by something as dumb as the Oppressor Mk II. Then there are other great weaponized vehicles like the Thruster and the Toreador, which only spell out "P-O-W-E-R-C-R-E-E-P" in the most literal sense of the word.

Powercreep naturally happens in online games, but it also makes some vehicles, like the Rocket Voltic absolutely worthless to buy. This means that new vehicles also tend to be more expensive, which means that fans & players also need to grind more to acquire these prestigious vehicles. Some old-school fans even fear that these overpowered vehicles will make their way into GTA 6 and its online equivalent. What makes it worse is that there may come a time when the current meta vehicles become outclassed themselves like the poor Rocket Voltic.

Note: This article reflects the writer's personal views.

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