5 reasons why the Coil Rocket Voltic is one of the best electric cars in GTA Online

The Coil Rocket Voltic can be an expensive purchase in GTA Online (Image via GTA Wiki)
The Coil Rocket Voltic can be an expensive purchase in GTA Online (Image via GTA Wiki)
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The Coil Rocket Voltic often goes unnoticed in GTA Online, but there are several reasons why it's one of the best electric cars around.

Older cars often get hit by powercreep, making them less desirable for purchase. This is especially true for something like the Coil Rocket Voltic, which costs $3,830,400 usually ($2,880,000 at trade price). That amount can go to several things in GTA Online, so players need reasons as to why they should consider getting the Coil Rocket Voltic over something else.

As an aside, this car shouldn't be one of the first purchases a player makes. It's a good car but not essential to the current metagame. This article focuses more on why players should consider it after they have everything they need in GTA Online. It was once one of the best cars around, so it's important to see what holds up well in today's era of GTA Online.

Five reasons why the Coil Rocket Voltic is an incredible electric car in GTA Online

#5 - Great aesthetic

Image via GTA Base
Image via GTA Base

This reason is more subjective than others (and far more minor), but the design of the Coil Rocket Voltic is amazing. The rocket at the end of the vehicle is an exciting design choice, but everything else about the car screams "sleek and swanky."

The regular Coil Voltic has a great design, so the Coil Rocket Voltic doesn't take much away from an already well-established base design.

Some players don't like how good vehicles look utterly unrealistic or ugly. Even if the Coil Rocket Voltic isn't the prettiest car around, its design is well-appreciated enough to have a few fans defend it for its insane price.

Sometimes, a well-designed car is absolute garbage in terms of stats, but thankfully, the Coil Rocket Voltic is decent enough to be usable.

#4 - It's frequently at discount

Image via Feed Ride
Image via Feed Ride

The Coil Rocket Voltic might be obsolete in the current metagame, but wealthy players could always consider buying it for fun when it's available at a discount.

It might be a sad state of affairs for the Coil Rocket Voltic when other vehicles outclass it (such as the Pegassi Toreador), but the frequency of these discounts gives it something worth considering.

This is more of a supplement to the other reasons and is often not the sole reason a player would consider getting a Coil Rocket Voltic. However, it's an excellent reason altogether, as players are unlikely to purchase the Coil Rocket Voltic unless it's on discount.

#3 - It's quiet for a fast car

Image via
Image via

Sometimes, players like to play GTA Online with the sound on. However, plenty of fast cars often make annoying sounds or are just too loud. Fortunately, the Coil Rocket Voltic is one of the quieter cars in GTA Online, which should be nice to players who get easily annoyed by in-game audio.

By now, it should be highly apparent to players that the Coil Rocket Voltic isn't that viable in the current meta of GTA Online. Several cars outclass it in several regards, which wouldn't be an issue if the Coil Rocket Voltic wasn't so expensive.

A permanent price-cut would make it more attractive instead of having extremely minor niches like being one of the more quiet vehicles with a booster in GTA Online.

#2 - It's fun to use


The Coil Rocket Voltic is a fun gimmick to use for rich players. Remember, players cannot trade in their Coil Rocket Voltic. Once they have it, they have it forever; it's nearly $3m the player won't get back. However, it's still a blast to use, even if it's outdated in the current metagame of GTA Online.

A lot of this ties into reason #1, but some of it is also because it's just a fun car in general. Its base stats are excellent but not so overwhelming that a player lacks control over their vehicle. It looks cool, drives well, and is fun to mess around with when playing with friends.

#1 - Can go from 0 to 125.50 mph in about 1.5 seconds

Image via GTA Base
Image via GTA Base

Its base acceleration stat is quite good, but it's the remarkable ability of the Coil Rocket Voltic that pushes it to the next level in GTA Online.

Special abilities are always lovely to have, as they can help differentiate a typical vehicle from a special one. The Coil Rocket Voltic is no different in this regard in GTA Online. After all, the enormous rocket near the rear of the vehicle isn't just for show.

The Coil Rocket Voltic's unique ability is a huge rocket booster that significantly boosts the vehicle's speed for a short while. So much so that it can go from 0 to 125.50 mph in around 1.5 seconds, which is coincidentally its actual top speed.

Most vehicles require a few more seconds to hit their peak, but being able to activate this ability whenever a player wants to (such as after the player hits an object and turns around) gives the Coil Rocket Voltic a good niche in GTA Online.

Note: This list is subjective and reflects only the writer's opinions.

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