5 common misconceptions in the GTA series

There's a good amount of misconceptions in GTA 5's prologue (Image via GTA Wiki)
There's a good amount of misconceptions in GTA 5's prologue (Image via GTA Wiki)

There are bound to be some common misconceptions in a series as popular as GTA.

Some misconceptions are players misremembering key storyline moments and developments, whereas other misconceptions can stem from something less minor.

For example, it's easy for players to confuse one character for another in official artwork, especially when the game doesn't make it all that clear.

Sometimes, misinformation is spread among social media communities. This inevitably leads to a good amount of fans absorbing that misinformation and spreading it elsewhere.

Five misconceptions players have in the GTA series

#5 - The GTA series has never had female protagonists before GTA Online


Surprisingly, the first GTA game had several female protagonists that the player could choose from. Likewise, the GTA 2 port also had female protagonists, before the concept vanished from the series.

At the time, these protagonists were only different based on a few different colored pixels. There weren't any personalities or unique features, yet, so it's easy to see why many GTA fans overlook this fact.

#4 - Niko Bellic is Russian

Niko Bellic isn't Russian (Image via Rockstar Games)
Niko Bellic isn't Russian (Image via Rockstar Games)

Casual players who don't know any better tend to mix in a lot of Eastern European countries with Russia. After all, Niko Bellic sounds foreign and has Russian-esque clothing in GTA 4. However, he's implied to be Serbian and not Russian.

His last name was pronounced incorrectly throughout the events of GTA 4, but Rockstar still intended to make Niko Bellic a Serbian character. He fought in the Yugoslav Wars and occasionally speaks Serbian (even if it doesn't sound native at times).

#3 - Amanda was in GTA 5's prologue as a hostage


As humorous as it sounds, some GTA 5 fans actually believe this. Many YouTubers have posted videos on this topic in the past, often believing that Amanda is the woman with the gray beanie. However, that's not Amanda.

The same woman can also be found in North Yankton as a random pedestrian driving around in the mission, Burying the Hatchet. It should go without saying that Amanda didn't randomly go to North Yankton during this mission and have a completely different voice as well.

Amanda only shows up at the fake funeral in the Prologue, and not in the heist itself.

#2 - This is official art of CJ in GTA San Andreas

This is OG Loc, not CJ (Image via Rockstar Games)
This is OG Loc, not CJ (Image via Rockstar Games)

It is understandable why players would assume the official artwork depicts CJ, but that's sadly not the case. It's, surprisingly, an artwork for OG Loc and not CJ. It looks completely different from OG Loc's look in-game, but it is him, nonetheless.

Some players theorized that this artwork was made when the Grove Street families were known as Orange Grove Families. Regardless of whether that's true or not, what isn't true is that this official art depicts CJ and not OG Loc.

#1 - Michael was in Witness Protection


Michael De Santa is a notorious liar in GTA 5. However, there are still a sizable number of GTA 5 players who believe that he was in Witness Protection at some point. However, he never was.

There is a noticeable difference between striking a deal with Dave and doing the same with the whole FIB. All that was agreed upon was that it would look like Dave killed the "most wanted man in America." Michael wasn't protected by an entire agency or anything of that sort.

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