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5 contact missions in GTA Online that allow players to level up faster

Image via GTA Wiki
Image via GTA Wiki
Sawera Dedar
Modified 23 Mar 2021
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Contact missions are compelling story-mode missions featured in GTA Online.

These missions pay decently and allow players to rack up extra bonuses, including RP and cash bonuses. Only a couple of contact missions are available at the start. The rest unlock as the player levels up in GTA Online.

5 contact missions in GTA Online that allow players to level up faster

#5 - Pier Pressure

Pier Pressure is one of the easiest contact missions in GTA Online. It requires players to infiltrate a drug meeting held in Los Santos hosted by the Lost and the Vagos.

The mission objective is to steal a mysterious package that contains methamphetamine and safely deliver it to Gerald's place. Pier Pressure unlocks at level six in GTA Online and allows up to four players. Payout depends on the time spent playing the game.


#2 - Ballas to the Wall

There's nothing GTA Online players love more than pure anarchy and unbridled chaos in the game. This is why Ballas to the Wall makes for the quintessential Grand Theft Auto mission for beginners.

The mission objective is to repossess a car that the Ballas stole from Simeon. The target is being safeguarded over on Jamestown Street. Players can either kill the rival party or make a quick escape. The goal is to bring the car back to Simeon.

Ballas to the Wall unlocks at level three and allows up to two players.

#3 - Learning the Ropes

Learning the Ropes is given to the player by Gerald, who needs someone to infiltrate the meeting under the Olympic Freeway and grab the loot.

When the player completes this mission, not only will they receive a hefty reward from Gerald, but they'll also be able to explore the world of Los Santos in freemode.

Learning the Ropes unlocks at level one and features an incredible plotline.


#2 - Simeonomics

Simeonomics is the perfect step-up for players who are looking to make a quick buck in GTA Online. Not much happens in Simeonomics as it essentially serves as a warm-up for the kind of missions players will be grinding as they level up in the game.

The mission requires players to steal a car for Simeon and deliver it at his dealership, which is probably the first thing players learn in GTA Online.

#1 - Mail or Nothing

There has never been and never will be a mission as straight forward as Mail or Nothing in GTA Online.

At the start of the mission, Lamar will pick the player and guide them on the race. When the player wins the race, Learning the Ropes will automatically be unlocked.

Mail or Nothing is one of the smoothest ways to level up in GTA Online.

Published 23 Mar 2021, 00:03 IST
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