5 most ridiculously priced weapons and vehicles in GTA Online

Rockstar Games continues to add expensive weapons and vehicles to GTA Online (Image via GTA Wiki)
Rockstar Games continues to add expensive weapons and vehicles to GTA Online (Image via GTA Wiki)

Expensive weapons and vehicles aren't always worth it in GTA Online.

Rockstar Games continues to add new weapons and vehicles to GTA Online, and they are partly responsible for the monumental success of the game. However, not every vehicle hitting the virtual market is worth shelling out the big bucks for.

Here, we take a look at some of the most expensive weapons and vehicles in GTA Online.

5 most ridiculously priced weapons and vehicles in GTA Online

#5 The Ruiner 2000


The Ruiner 2000 is perhaps the most expensive car featured in GTA Online.

The car comes equipped with special features like the Parachute mechanism and the Power Hop mechanism. The Parachute mechanism prevents the driver from fatal accidents by slowing the vehicle down during descent. The Power Hop mechanism, on the other hand, hurls the vehicle into the air with a powerful lurch, giving its already high acceleration a significant boost.

The Ruiner 2000 can be purchased from Warstock Cache & Carry in GTA Online for $5,745,600.

#4 The Luxor Deluxe


The Luxor Deluxe has a bit of a reputation for being the most useless vehicle in GTA Online, as its price fails to justify its underwhelming features.

While the Luxor Deluxe sports a classy design and is a super-fast vehicle, it is essentially a modified variant of the Buckingham Luxor. Both planes boast almost the same features, and the only noteworthy difference between the two is the Deluxe's iconic gold exterior.

The difference between the price tag of the two planes is also a huge stumbling block. The Buckingham Luxor costs $1,625,000, whereas the Luxor Deluxe is tagged at a staggering total of $10,000,000.

#3 The Deluxo


Priced at $4,721,500, the Deluxo is insanely expensive for a vehicle that saw a massive decline in popularity after the Oppressor MK II hit the market.

The Deluxo is based on the DeLorean DMC-12 and features a bunch of unique features.

On land, the Deluxo showcases decent acceleration, smooth handling and an impressive top speed of 110mph.

When the hoverflyer mode is activated, the car experiences a powerful lurch before soaring into the air like a magnificent bird.

The Deluxo can also be modified into a weaponized vehicle with powerful machine guns and devastating missile launchers.

#4 The Widowmaker


The Widowmaker in GTA Online comes equipped with an ammo capacity of 9999 and can shoot at a maximum range of 120 meters - nothing that the minigun can't do.

It takes about 12 body shots to kill the enemy with the Widowmaker. Due to the insanely high fire rate of the machine gun, 12 body shots barely take 0.22 seconds in GTA Online.

The Widowmaker comes equipped with the highest fire rate in GTA Online, recorded at approximately 3000 RPM. Due to the sharp accuracy of the machine gun, it is probably the most deadly weapon in GTA Online.

This powerful machine gun can be purchased from Ammu-Nation in GTA Online for $449,000.

#5 The Unholy Hellbringer


The Unholy Hellbringer is another insanely expensive laser gun featured in GTA Online.

The Unholy Hellbringer features an incredible ammo-capacity of 9999. Moreover, unlike most GTA Online weapons, this weapon does not require reloading at all. This allows the player to direct all their focus into blasting things apart.

The Unholy Hellbringer can fire 12 shots per second and eliminate 50 agents in about 39.04 seconds. It can also destroy armored cars and rhino tanks in mere seconds.

The Unholy Hellbringer costs a whopping $449,000 in GTA Online.

Edited by Rachel Syiemlieh
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