5 cool GTA San Andreas mods worth checking out

Image via PrinceY (YouTube)
Image via PrinceY (YouTube)

GTA San Andreas has many good mods worth checking out.

As one of the most modded games of all time, it should come across as no surprise that GTA San Andreas has its fair share of cool mods. Some GTA San Andreas mods are minor in nature, while others drastically change the gameplay experience. Either way, there's often a little bit of something for everybody in the GTA San Andreas modding scene.

GTA San Andreas has so many good mods. Of course, good is a subjective term, so some players might not care for some of the mods listed below. Likewise, some players might discover something new that they never knew they wanted in GTA San Andreas.

Five cool GTA San Andreas mods worth checking out

#5 - DYOM

Image via GTAguidesIta (YouTube)
Image via GTAguidesIta (YouTube)

DYOM is a mod where players can design their own missions. It's as simple as it sounds, but it's surprisingly in-depth as for what players are capable of creating. DYOM has their own website where players can also check out if they enjoy this mod so much. It's a good community, and players can even play missions from other gamers.

Of course, it's also perfectly acceptable to make missions just for one's close circle of friends if that's what they're feeling.

#4 - V Graphics ENB

Image via Anggi Hermawan (YouTube)
Image via Anggi Hermawan (YouTube)

This is a fantastic mod for players seeking to make GTA San Andreas look absolutely stunning. Unfortunately, lower-end PCs won't run it well, so it won't be ranked as high as some of the other options on this list.

As it is a graphics mod, it should go without saying that it might cause problems with other major mods that alter the game's graphics. That said, it's terrific on its own and works fine with minor graphics-altering mods.

GTA San Andreas's biggest weakness is its graphics. The majority of the game is simply timeless, so having this mod makes it so that players can fix GTA San Andreas's biggest flaw. There are other noteworthy graphics mods to consider, but V Graphics ENB is one of the most popular ones out there.

#3 - Ragdoll physics

Image via
Image via

GTA San Andreas lacks ragdoll physics in its base game, but that doesn't mean that players cannot enjoy the game with it. There are several GTA San Andreas mods that incorporate ragdoll physics into the game, so players can easily find one that suits their needs. If they want a random ragdoll mod that's fairly popular, this one might appease their appetite.

Predictably, some ragdoll mods conflict with one another. Hence, GTA San Andreas players should try to get their favorite ragdoll physics mod without downloading other ones that directly conflict with their code.

#2 - Realistic weapon settings

Image via Internet Rob (YouTube)
Image via Internet Rob (YouTube)

Some players hate how in order to reload in GTA San Andreas, they either have to swap between weapons or shoot their entire magazine. Fortunately for these types of players, there do exist mods that can help add some realism to GTA San Andreas. For example, this mod makes weapons feel more realistic in this very manner.

It's by no means a major change to how GTA San Andreas is played, but it does add a lot to one's immersion into the game. After all, it is weird how swapping between two weapons magically refills the ammo of the first weapon. Likewise, it's just inconvenient having to empty out an entire magazine just to reload (which is a problem if a person has barely any bullets left, but still has to waste it to reload).

#1 - First POV

Image via Internet Rob (YouTube)
Image via Internet Rob (YouTube)

Playing GTA San Andreas in first POV might seem incredibly minor at first glance, but it genuinely adds a lot to the game. Players can replay the entire game in first POV and it will feel different. All of the advantages and disadvantages of a first POV applies to this mod. The difference between playing GTA San Andreas normally and playing it with this mod is almost like night and day.

As a bonus, it's compatible with most other mods. Hence, players can add a lot of flavor to their modded games with a single mod. It works especially nicely with graphical mods, as it can make the player feel like they're playing a more recent game (as opposed to one that's nearly two decades old).

Plus, shooting in first POV is always fun. They can get the mod seen above, here.

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