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5 craziest fan theories around the GTA franchise

All GTA games have their crazy fan theories worth discussing (Image via Rockstar Games)
All GTA games have their crazy fan theories worth discussing (Image via Rockstar Games)
Modified 21 Mar 2021
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GTA’s craziest fan theories are either so absurd that they border on insanity or so out there that they might just make a lick of sense.

As with all fan theories, fans should take everything listed here with a grain of salt. Some of it might seem logical, but others could seem outright insane. However, there is often a joy in discussing these fan theories’ validity, no matter how crazy they seem.

Given how large the GTA series is, there is no shortage of wild fan theories. All GTA games have their crazy fan theories worth discussing, but this list will only focus on five interesting yet different fan theories.

As a result, this article will not focus too much on one topic (as interesting as the GTA 5 protagonists are, doing five theories on just them would be a different topic altogether). Some crazy fan theories focus on a specific part of the GTA series, while others will be more general in nature.

Five wacky fan theories about the GTA series

#5 - All kids in the GTA universe are forced to be indoors

Kids exist in the GTA games, are never seen outside (Image via GTA Wiki)
Kids exist in the GTA games, are never seen outside (Image via GTA Wiki)

It’s logical that Rockstar Games wouldn’t allow players to go on rampages killing kids from a gameplay standpoint. That would be far more heavily criticized than what would be considered normal by GTA standards. Yet fans have crazy fan theories as to why kids don’t show up in the GTA universe.

Kids exist in the GTA games, as players can see a few throughout the series, such as Mary Beth-Williams in GTA Vice City Stories. However, they are never seen outside.


As some fans theorize, the reason is that it’s too dangerous for them to be outside, so their parents force them to stay indoors. It’s logical, given that the GTA world is prone to violence and other shenanigans.

#4 - GTA 5's three protagonists represent different eras of the GTA series

GTA 5's protagonists are well-known (Image via Rockstar Games)

GTA 5’s three protagonists are some of the most well-known characters in the series. Unsurprisingly, there are plenty of fan theories involving this delinquent trio. The most interesting one is that they represent three different eras of the GTA series.

For example, Trevor represents the mindless rampages of GTA 1 and GTA 2. Franklin represents a rags-to-riches story like the ones found in GTA 3 to GTA San Andreas. Finally, Michael represents the gritty reality of crime that fans were accustomed to from GTA 4 and its episodes.

#3 - GTA games take place on islands as a parody of American mindsets

 Americans are known to be close-minded (Image via
Americans are known to be close-minded (Image via

This crazy theory suggests that the main reason GTA games take place on large islands is because of how close-minded most Americans are.

A Redditor, known as angrypuppy, made a more detailed version of this fan theory, as seen below:

“In GTA 5, while walking around the streets, you hear people consumed entirely by celebrities, media, social media, gossip, etc. In the grand scheme of things, these issues aren’t at all important, yet the citizens of Los Santos are entirely preoccupied with them,” they say. So Rockstar is basically saying that the American people don’t really care for what’s happening outside of their little world. They don’t actually live on an island, but they might as well because they are isolated from the actual problems that plague the rest of the world. They are individualistic, ignorant, and oblivious to the rest of the world, so they might as well live on an island away from it all.”

#2 - Ryder wasn’t always meant to be an antagonist (GTA San Andreas)


GTA San Andreas is a phenomenal game, but one of the antagonists seems “off.” That character is Ryder, and fans noticed that he has next to no relevance as an antagonist after the shocking reveal involving the green Sabre.

Considering Big Smoke gets all of the attention, it’s odd that Ryder is practically forgotten about until his death.

Not only does his last appearance reuse old quotes, but nobody mentions him at all until he dies. Then, Cesar brings up how he tried to hit on Kendl, and Ryder is swiftly forgotten for the rest of the game.

Considering how prominent he was at the start of the game, this is among the more plausible fan theories on this list.

#1 - Darkel & his missions (GTA 3)

Fans thought Darkel would have a couple of missions in the game (Image via Fenix Bazaar)
Fans thought Darkel would have a couple of missions in the game (Image via Fenix Bazaar)

Fans of GTA 3 should be aware of Darkel’s name and the crazy fan theories surrounding him. While it is confirmed what Darkel’s model would look like and that he would be a character in GTA 3, his supposed missions in fan theories are a different story.

In fact, it’s been rejected by Rockstar numerous times. Fans thought he would have a mission to blow up a school bus full of children and another task related to 9/11.

Rockstar rejected this fan theory by stating:

“Darkel was just a crazy bum who gave you some crazy missions. They were removed a few months before the game was done and long before 9/11 because they just weren’t as good as the rest of the game, and tonally they were a little odd. He started with five missions, and they were slowly all cut. When only one or two were left, they were all removed as the character just didn’t work alongside the other characters. None of these missions involved blowing up buses of school children, although that is a funny rumor!”

Note: This article reflects the writer’s personal views.

Published 21 Mar 2021, 12:24 IST
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