5 features that make GTA Online one of the most popular multiplayer games in 2021

Image via blblblblbl (Twitter)
Image via blblblblbl (Twitter)
Modified 19 Mar 2021
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Some features play a large role in defining GTA Online, making it one of the most popular multiplayer games in 2021.

Objectively speaking, GTA Online is one of the most popular multiplayer games in 2021. Just by judging several metrics such as Steamcharts and financial reports, one can easily see that GTA Online was very successful in the years preceding 2021. Of course, it is likely to continue to grow in 2021, as current estimates seem to be very favorable, with something as easily searchable as Steamcharts showing off how popular the game is.

For a game to be that popular in 2021, there have to be some subjective qualities about it that interest both hardcore gamers and casuals alike. As it is a multiplayer game, the features listed below are primarily going to focus on something that'll draw interest in a multiplayer setting. Whether it's Criminal Organizations or pampering oneself to stand out in a multiplayer setting, there are plenty of features worth discussing in 2021.

Five features that make GTA Online one of the most popular multiplayer games in 2021

#5 - The Creator

Image via RG GAMER (YouTube)
Image via RG GAMER (YouTube)

Some players want to flex their creative muscles, and that's perfectly possible in GTA Online. According to Rockstar Games, there are millions of jobs created through this suite that players can enjoy, with some of them even receiving Rockstar's seal of approval. Some players compete in a multiplayer game like GTA Online not for the money or crime, but for the ability to create something better than their contemporaries.

Of course, a player doesn't have to create a job with the sole intention of being recognized by Rockstar. They can use The Creator to make jobs for their friends to mess around in, which is always a blast in a multiplayer setting in 2021.

#4 - Criminal Organizations

Image via Rockstar Games
Image via Rockstar Games

It wouldn't be a GTA game if there weren't features related to crime, and there are a lot of features for players to enjoy if that's the case. In 2021, players can run their own Criminal Organizations. First, a player can decide if they want to be the CEO of an organization or an MC President.

If a player is looking for features related to weaponry, owning a Bunker is an excellent investment. If they're looking for features that will earn them a lot of money, owning a Vehicle Warehouse is another great idea. There's seldom a bad option in relation to Criminal Organizations, which also helps diversify gameplay and allows players to experience GTA Online differently from their friends and foes.

#3 - Various jobs

Image via GTAforums
Image via GTAforums

There are dozens upon dozens of jobs for a GTA Online player to consider at any given time. As jobs are one of the most played features in GTA Online, it is vital to distinguish how each job feels different from one another. Racing features are commonly found in racing games, but one can still enjoy various racing modes in GTA Online without hassle.

Likewise, GTA Online has several features pertaining to Last Man Standing and Deathmatch that make these modes fun. GTA Online is a diverse game, even by 2021 standards. When one considers how Rockstar constantly puts 2x bonus events on some lesser-played jobs, then they can also see how all of these features come together to spice up a player's gameplay experience.

#2 - A (mostly) customizable protagonist

Image via - RogueRedFive - (YouTube)
Image via - RogueRedFive - (YouTube)

GTA Online has so many customizable options in the game, that it borders on not even being funny for a punchline. There are hundreds upon hundreds of different clothing options for the GTA Online protagonist, all ranging from different styles. There are classy tuxedos to redneck clothing to even outright bizarre costumes. It's not uncommon to see every player in the lobby looking completely different from one another.

Then there's also the matter of vehicles and how one can customize them. Although certain vehicles are meta and tend to be more commonly seen than others, there is still an amazing variety of options that a player can viably use somewhere in the game. Afterward, they can customize how it looks, improve certain aspects of the vehicle, etc. to their heart's content.

#1 - Heists

Image via Rockstar Games
Image via Rockstar Games

Heists are one of the definitive features in GTA Online. Technically, it's one of the main selling points in GTA V, but it's still an all-around excellent feature in GTA Online. There are many heists for the player to embark on, each with their own unique preparation missions and finales. Heists vary in profit, requirements (such as how many players are required), and in how they're executed, that some players just love doing heists for what it is.

Considering how some heists are seen as end-game features, it really adds up to that level of achievement some players experience when they can successfully complete it for the first time. They may have started with just a pistol and a hand full of dreams, but now they can grind the same heist over and over again for millions without repercussions in 2021.

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Published 19 Mar 2021
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