5 features that should return from GTA Vice City

Sometimes GTA players want their fun in the sun (Image via GTA Wiki)
Sometimes GTA players want their fun in the sun (Image via GTA Wiki)

There are plenty of GTA Vice City features that should make a triumphant return in future GTA installments.

GTA 6 isn't going to be released for a very long time, so players can only speculate what's going to happen. While it's not confirmed to take place in Vice City, it makes sense for GTA players to think so.

Liberty City and Los Santos already have their HD remakes.

Should that be the direction Rockstar takes with the series, it's important to look introspectively at GTA Vice City. Surprisingly, there are a few distinct features that are either missing or rarely used in later GTA titles. It would be nice to see them make a comeback for GTA 6.

5 GTA Vice City features that should return

#5 - Good citizen bonuses


Back in the old-school GTA days, there were a few games that rewarded players for good behavior. Whenever a cop was chasing a criminal, GTA players could beat them up for a cash bonus of $50.

Not only did they receive money, they also didn't get a wanted level for attacking criminals.

However, a player must be on foot and not use any dangerous weapons. They can use their fists, along with brass knuckles, baseball bats, and nightsticks.

This feature is only available in three GTA games - Vice City, Liberty City Stories, and Vice City Stories.

Given the improvements in pedestrian AI over the years, there could be more dynamic approaches to apprehending criminals. For example, GTA players could tackle a criminal on the run while a cop arrests them on the ground.

#4 - Keepie-Uppy with the beach ball


One of the more pointless but fun activities in GTA Vice City is the Keepie-Uppy Beach Ball. Throughout the tropical-based map, GTA players had to find beach balls scattered around the area.

They are brightly colored and definitely stand out with their motion physics.

The point of the game was to bounce the ball on top of Tommy Vercetti's head. GTA players would have to move against the ball, from which it would fly in the air. They need to carefully position themselves where the ball is about to land.

While the game makes no mention of this feature in-game, they keep track of the high score on the menu screen. If it were to return, it would be a fun distraction from the chaotic madness of GTA.

#3 - Rampages


Rampages used to be defining aspects of the GTA series. Within the time limit, GTA players either had to use a specific weapon or vehicle to kill a number of enemies.

For example, it gave players a good excuse to cut off heads with a katana, even if they don't normally use it otherwise.

Since the end of the 3D era, rampages had a hit-or-miss attendance record in later installments. While rampages do appear in Chinatown Wars and GTA 5 (specific to Trevor Philips), they are not in GTA 4 or GTA Online.

While GTA players don't need side missions to perform acts of destruction, rampages gave them a reason to try out new weapons. If a player doesn't want to deal with wanted levels, this also gives them an excuse to cause widespread chaos.

#2 - Asset-specific missions


In GTA Vice City, Tommy Vercetti had to buy several properties and perform a series of missions for them. Not every location has detailed mission strings, but most of them do.

From lurid studios to high-end nightclubs, these assets bring more personality to Vice City.

Property management, along with related side missions, was severely limited from San Andreas to GTA 4 and its DLC pack. However, both GTA 5 and Online brought it back.

Unfortunately, the characters and missions are not as colorful as their Vice City counterparts.

Asset-specific missions give GTA players more things to do. While it is back in GTA 5 and Online, it remains to be seen if GTA 6 will do the same for a single-player campaign.

There's no reason to believe why Rockstar wouldn't.

#1 - Vice City as a major location


The return of Vice City as the main setting of GTA 6 is of utmost importance to old-school players. The tropical paradise of Vice City was a great contrast to its corrupt and criminal underbelly.

GTA players would love to see an HD remake of Vice City, especially with updated graphics and gameplay. So much has changed over the years and since the original release of GTA Vice City, players can use a cover system, a rotating wheel for weapon selection, and ragdoll physics.

Vice City remains one of the most iconic locations in GTA history, even if it hasn't made an appearance for several years.

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