5 most fun GTA RP servers apart from NoPixel

Image via Pyre realm gaming (YouTube)
Image via Pyre realm gaming (YouTube)
Alan Sahbegovic

Although NoPixel might be the most popular GTA RP server, there are still numerous other fun GTA RP servers.

All of the following GTA RP servers are easy to play (often not requiring any sign-ups), which makes it convenient for most players. Convenience is fun, and these GTA RP servers come in loaded with features. While NoPixel is the king of the roost, that doesn't mean other GTA RP can't compare in terms of sheer fun.

Fun is a subjective term, but these GTA RP servers are generally well-received by the GTA RP community. Of course, a player can play any of these servers in conjunction with NoPixel whenever they want. After all, GTA RP is all about fun. For convenience's sake, these GTA RP servers will mention either FiveM or Rage MP at the end of each entry.

Five most fun GTA RP servers apart from NoPixel

#5 - Carolina State RP

Image via Infernal Creations (YouTube)
Image via Infernal Creations (YouTube)

Carolina State RP is a GTA RP server that treats roleplaying casually. Serious roleplayers won't enjoy Carolina State RP, as there are a lot of kids that don't roleplay at all. However, for people sick of serious roleplaying and strict rules, Carolina State RP is the perfect GTA RP to unwind in.

Another massive benefit to Carolina State RP is that it's one of the most popular GTA RP servers around. If players want to mess around with other players, then they can't go wrong with choosing Carolina State RP as one of their primary GTA RP servers.

Carolina State RP uses FiveM.

#4 - Extra Life Roleplay

Image via King Jay (YouTube)
Image via King Jay (YouTube)

If a player wants to live another life, then Extra Life Roleplay is an excellent option to consider. It's non-whitelisted, although it should be noted that players wishing to be a police officer will have to join Extra Life Roleplay's Discord. Once a player joins Extra Life Roleplay, they will find that there is a ton of content that they can partake in.

Unlike some other GTA RP servers, Extra Life Roleplay allows players to spawn vehicles wherever they please. Normally, GTA RP servers encourage players to have to find whatever it is they're looking for, but Extra Life Roleplay cuts out the boring fluff. Some players will like that about it, while others might want to avoid it if that's the case.

Extra Life Roleplay uses FiveM.

#3 - Paradox Gaming RP

Image via King Jay (YouTube)
Image via King Jay (YouTube)

Whereas Extra Life Roleplay is laxer in terms of how realistic the game is, Paradox Gaming RP doesn't take such liberties. If a player is looking for a legitimately fun time while taking roleplaying pretty seriously, then there aren't many better alternatives to playing on Paradox Gaming RP. There are plenty of custom cars and custom scripts for players looking for something new.

The main drawback to Paradox Gaming RP is that it is a smaller GTA RP server. However, Paradox Gaming RP has a loyal community that goes above and beyond some of the other GTA RP servers, so a player can feel more alive with this tightly-knit community.

Paradox Gaming RP uses FiveM.

#2 - GTA World

Image via Zez (YouTube)
Image via Zez (YouTube)

GTA World is one of the older GTA RP servers around, but that doesn't mean it's outdated. On the other hand, GTA World has some genuinely innovative features that make it stand out from other GTA RP servers. For example, players can decorate their homes like they would in The Sims.

It's a fully robust experience that almost no other GTA RP server can offer. In some ways, it's comparable to the titan known as NoPixel in terms of how much a player can do. The gameplay is smooth, and it has practically everything a GTA RPer would want in a GTA RP server.

GTA World uses Rage MP.

#1 - Grand RP

Image via King Jay (YouTube)
Image via King Jay (YouTube)

As far as professional and respectable GTA RP servers go, it's hard to find one better than Grand RP. With strict adherence to roleplaying, players of Grand RP always have something to do. For example, a player could become a firefighter on this server, change into their uniform, talk to an NPC to obtain a Fire Truck, and then find a fire to put out.

The overall UI of Grand RP is pleasing to look at. Speaking of UI, Grand RP arguably has the best website of any GTA RP server. Plenty of other GTA RP servers are often too basic to look at, but Grand RP goes the extra mile. If a player wants to know anything specific about Grand RP, they can easily find the answer through their website or active discord.

Grand RP uses Rage MP.

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