5 glitches in GTA games that the developers never fixed

The GTA games have had numerous glitches (Image via TheJizzy YouTube)
The GTA games have had numerous glitches (Image via TheJizzy YouTube)

The GTA series has been one of the most loved and adored open-world games ever since its release. Each game in the GTA lineup was a step up from the other and did everything right.

These games define the open-world sandbox genre with their massive maps and go crazy style of freedom. But even with all of this, GTA games are not devoid of glitches. Although Rockstar has been quick to respond by pushing new patches, some glitches in GTA games have been left unanswered by developers.

This article will go through 5 glitches in GTA games that the developers never fixed.

Glitches in GTA games that are still present

1) Missing Hands - GTA Vice City

One of the glitches from GTA Vice City that is still present in the game. When the 10th-anniversary edition of GTA Vice City was re-launched by Rockstar, the hand models were revamped to look much more detailed. However, due to some script errors during cutscenes, characters will emerge with their hands missing, leaving them with pieces at the end of their arms.


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2) Happiness Island Car Spawn - GTA 4

This glitch was tested on the PC v. for GTA 4. In the southern end of Happiness Island, a single car will spawn. Sometimes the car might spawn with a driver as well. Though the vehicle will not move, and the NPC is driving, it will simply be bouncing its head to whatever station the car's radio is playing. Pretty spooky yet hilarious.


3) Vigilante Glitch - GTA 3

GTA 3 featured various side activities that players could perform. One of them was the Vigilante side job. Now there is a glitch in which if players get close enough to the target's car and enter the menu screen. Once they resume the gameplay, the criminal in the car will stop and get out of the car and start running. This will make them easier to kill.


4) Helicopter Glitch - GTA San Andreas

GTA San Andreas was one of the best games in the GTA series. It also had its fair share of bugs and glitches. The helicopter glitch was one of the glitches where if the player had a three-star wanted level or higher and players were in an area with steep hills, like San Fierro or northeast Los Santos, police helicopters would seldom spawn underground. The helicopter's rotor blades will show up within the street so they could not induce any harm to CJ.


5) Free vehicle repair - GTA 5

Even GTA 5, the newest installment in the GTA franchise, is not immune to glitches and bugs. While there are numerous glitches in the game, there is one glitch that players might love. The free vehicle repair glitch allows players to freely repair their cars. If one of the characters damages his vehicle, players can simply switch to another character, and then switching back to the previous character will repair the vehicle. Quite handy if players don't have enough in-game money.


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