5 GTA 4 characters missing in GTA 5 and Online

Little Jacob was a major GTA 4 character notably absent in GTA 5 (Image via Rockstar Games)
Little Jacob was a major GTA 4 character notably absent in GTA 5 (Image via Rockstar Games)
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Note: This article contains spoilers

While several GTA 4 characters made the transition from Liberty City to Los Santos, not all of them went along for the journey.

Despite GTA 4 being quite a country mile from GTA 5 and Online, major characters from the former have made their way into the GTA 5 and GTA Online. Los Santos is a place of dreams, where many are born to die. Some characters succeed like Gay Tony, while others fail like Johnny Klebitz and the Lost MC.

Nonetheless, there are notable absences. Major characters like Luis Lopez and Yusuf Amir are missing, even during updated content where it makes sense for them to appear. Some GTA 4 characters get little-to-no mention whatsoever in future installments, with their current status up in the air.

5 characters from GTA 4 that could be in GTA 5 and Online

#5 - Luis Fernando Lopez


Luis Lopez was the protagonist of the Ballad of Gay Tony. He is a nightclub bouncer who is loyal to Tony Prince, although his loyalties are questioned at times throughout the game. Luis certainly has his way with the ladies of Liberty City, despite carrying a small package.

The Ballad of Gay Tony is a more light-hearted approach to the GTA series, especially after the gritter events of GTA 4 and the Lost and Damned. It's a welcome change of pace for GTA fans who prefer the San Andreas approach.

Despite the prominent role Tony plays in the After Hours update, Luis is nowhere to be seen. A picture of him can be found in Tony's office, but his status remains unknown to this day. No matter what happens to Luis, at the very least Tony remains on friendly terms with the big guy.

#4 - Yusuf Amir


Best known for his glitz and glamor, Yusuf Amir is a real estate developer with grand ambitions. This is a man who once built the largest tower in the world, only to bring it down to prove a point. Yusuf helps out Luis and Tony during their various exploits in Liberty City, especially during the final mission Departure Time.

Yusuf has yet to make an appearance in GTA Online. However, part one of the Ill-Gotten Gains update allows players to modify their weaponry with a golden look. Known as the Yusuf Amir Luxury Finish, GTA players can make themselves look like money while they steal it from other players.

#3 - Little Jacob


Little Jacob is a Yardies underboss and arms dealer who proves a useful ally to Niko Bellic. Known for his trademark heavy accent and love of marijuana, Jacob is nonetheless a good shot in any given combat situation.

There isn't a single clue as to the whereabouts of Little Jacob in GTA 5 or Online. Logically, the Jamaican pothead wouldn't randomly take a trip to Los Santos, given he has no business there. However, most of Niko's other friends have made their way there, such as Patrick McReary and Brucie Kibbutz.

However, GTA 5 and Online allows players to interact with weed for the first time in the series. Little Jacob surely would've loved to visit Smoke on the Water, especially with his habitual usage of the recreational drug.

#2 - Roman Bellic


Roman is the eccentric cousin of Niko Bellic, and often lands himself in hot water over his gambling addiction. He arrived in Liberty City looking for a fresh start in life, having run a taxi service for the residents. Unlike other GTA 4 characters in GTA 5, Roman has no reason to make an appearance there.

Roman's fate is left undecided, given GTA 4 players have the choice of either taking the deal (and getting Roman killed) or getting revenge (with Roman surviving the ordeal). A small Easter egg from GTA 5 suggests Roman still runs his taxi service, but it remains unknown if this is canon to the storyline.

#1 - Niko Bellic


Niko Bellic is the protagonist of GTA 4, and one of the most well-liked in the GTA series as a whole. While several of Niko's former associates reappear in GTA 5 and GTA Online (such as Patrick and the ULP Agent), they presume him to be dead after the events of his story. Lester states he went dark shortly afterwards.

GTA 5 players can find LifeInvader posts that suggest Niko is alive and well. For example, if Michael makes it to the end of the storyline (which is canon according to Tao Cheng's survival), players should find his son Jimmy on his laptop. They can see that Niko has a profile on the social media platform.

If taken to be true, it turns out the Revenge ending in GTA 4 is canon, since Roman is still alive. Niko apparently works for him as a driver, which could mean he gave up his criminal lifestyle once and for all.

Note: This article reflects the writer's personal views.

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