5 GTA Trilogy Definitive Edition missions that feel different from the originals

Missions (Image via Sportskeeda)
Missions (Image via Sportskeeda)
Chris Black

The GTA Definitive Edition allows fans to re-experience all of their favorite missions from the Original Trilogy. While the mission details remained unchanged, somehow, something felt different about some of the missions.

This article will discuss five missions in the Definitive Edition that feel different from those of the original games. The missions selected over the trilogy represent some of the most well-known missions from the games.

Whats the big difference with the new GTA Definitive Edition missions?

Despite the missions not changing their aim, some have a new and improved feel that makes them seem different from the originals.

Some of the missions not only look better, but they play much easier, too, thanks to the introduction of GTA 5-style controls.

1) Give Me Liberty (GTA 3)

Players were surprised when they played the opening mission of GTA 3 Definitive Edition. It takes 45 seconds to drive from the bridge to the hideout. This must be a record time for a mission to last in the entire franchise.

This mission may have felt different because of the stunning new graphics, or more likely, as GTA players are used to much larger maps to drive around. This super-short mission felt different in the remastered version of the game.

2) Demolition Man (GTA Vice City)

Due to the GTA-style controls, this once difficult mission in GTA Vice City now feels different and is much easier than players remember.

Flying the RC Goblin is no longer quite as unstable as players remember from the original. This has meant less clumsy crashing and easier evasion of angry builder NPCs.

3) Phnom Penh '86 (GTA Vice City)

In the original Vice City, this was such a fun mission. Tommy and Lance Vance are sent to take out Diaz's enemies at a mansion on Prawn Island. The mission is still just as much fun, but it feels different from the original.

This difference can be attributed to new weapon and control improvements, allowing for better lock-on capabilities and shooting mechanics.

4) Black Project (GTA San Andreas)

"Black Project" is one of the most memorable missions in GTA Sand Andreas Definitive Edition. Why does it now feel different from the original? It's got to be graphic and control improvements. For a start, Area 69 looks amazing in the remastered edition, so much brighter and sharper.

Every improvement made in the Trilogy plays a role in making this mission feel different. In a good way. The mechanics of sneaking in and out of the base are better, as is flying out in the jetpack. The flawless HD look is the icing on the cake.

5) High Noon (GTA San Andreas)

Improved shooting and driving controls help CJ kill Officer Pulaski with greater ease in this mission. In the original game, the players had to keep up with a speeding Pulaski and could only shoot at him when directly alongside.

Thanks to the driving and weapon improvements that have been made in the remaster, this mission feels easier than the original, quite the difference for the players.

Edited by Rupak Kumar Jha

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