5 GTA Trilogy characters that deserved to look better than what they got

Some changes were noticeable, but not in a good way (Image via Rockstar Games)
Some changes were noticeable, but not in a good way (Image via Rockstar Games)

Many fans dislike the direction the GTA Trilogy has gone, pointing out some of the character designs as flaws.

Remasters don't always get everything right. In some cases, they can make a character look worse. Alternatively, they can make a character look good, but nothing like the original model. The GTA Trilogy is full of examples for both.

The main purpose of this article is to point out some characters that don't look great and have been the subject of fans' ridicule.

Five GTA Trilogy characters that don't look good to the fans

5) Vagos NPC

The left Vagos NPC has been mocked in online forums, with some players comparing him to the default look of a Runescape character and Matt from Wii Sports. This generic Vagos member looks notably different compared to his original GTA San Andreas counterpart.

Still, it's an example of how fans can poke fun at pedestrian models, even if it's for a minor character in the GTA Trilogy. Unlike the other characters on this list, the player will see this model outside of missions.

4) Candy Suxxx

Candy in-game (Image via Rockstar Games)
Candy in-game (Image via Rockstar Games)

More specifically, it's the cheat code that players dislike. Some compare this character model to Lanky Kong, given how it looks. The arms being too long are the most obvious comparison between her and DK's old friend.

The hair also looks rigid, and her traps make her look too muscular compared to how she normally appears in the series. Ultimately, it looks creepy and is one of the weaker-looking character models in the game.

3) Ken Rosenberg

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Many of the GTA Trilogy characters who look "off" tend to be older characters who found the fountain of youth. Ken Rosenberg is an excellent example of that, as he looks significantly younger than he did back in GTA Vice City.

Add in the game's more cartoony art style, and it becomes readily apparent why some fans dislike Rosenberg's new appearance. Ken Rosenberg is one of the game's most important characters, so players should get used to seeing his new look.

It's not a terrible appearance per se, but it deviates from fans' expectations.

2) Old Reece


One of the most bizarre changes in the GTA Trilogy was changing the appearance of an NPC named Old Reese. As his name implies, he's supposed to be old with some memory troubles, but he looks significantly younger in the GTA Trilogy.

A character like Rosenberg might have gotten rid of his wrinkles, but Old Reece did the same, and he dyed his hair. He still has the same voice and voice lines, so it's a jarring change to anybody who remembers him from GTA San Andreas.

1) Denise Robinson

Denise Robinson is another character who has been drastically changed. The new version looks significantly younger and has a baby's face. Her lips look substantially thinner, making her seem like an entirely different character altogether.

One of the main things that the GTA Trilogy was supposed to improve upon was how the characters looked. The graphics are better in this instance, but the changes to Denise's appearance have not been well-received in various online communities.

Note: This article reflects the writer's personal views.

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