5 iconic vehicles from San Andreas Rockstar should bring back in GTA Online

A fan's interpretation of what the Vortex could look like in GTA Online (Image via GTA Fanon Wiki)
A fan's interpretation of what the Vortex could look like in GTA Online (Image via GTA Fanon Wiki)

Surprisingly, some iconic vehicles from GTA San Andreas are missing from GTA Online.

This is a game that's constantly getting updated throughout the years. The updates might not happen as frequently compared to other online games, but it still happens often enough that GTA Online players can expect new vehicles from time to time. Interesting though, not all vehicles from GTA San Andreas are in GTA Online yet.

GTA Online has re-introduced several old vehicles like the Deluxo before, so it wouldn't be unheard of if they did the same for some of GTA San Andreas's vehicles. As it stands right now, these vehicles are not available in GTA Online. However, some vehicles with the same name exist, but they are a completely different model.

Vehicles from GTA San Andreas that should be in GTA Online

#5 - Turismo


The Turismo R from GTA Online is similar to the Turismo from GTA San Andreas, but there are significant differences between the two vehicles. For starters, the Turismo R is a supercar, whereas the Turismo is a sports car. That's not a substantial difference in how they look, but their performance is notably different.

Both vehicles are based on a similar real-life brand (different models, of course), but retro vehicles have been added to GTA Online before. It wouldn't be too difficult to reintroduce the Turismo like the Cheetah Classic resembles the Cheetah vehicles of older GTA games.

Considering Rockstar has been willing to put in more racing updates of late, something like the Turismo would be a perfect fit.

#4 - Hotdog

The Hotdog (Image via GTA Wiki)
The Hotdog (Image via GTA Wiki)

Some GTA Online players love joke vehicles. GTA San Andreas's Hotdog is a pretty terrible vehicle, but it's one with a hotdog on the top of it. It looks silly, which would make it a nice change of pace from the usually serious and overpowered vehicles players get.

There are YouTube videos where some GTA Online players collect the worst vehicles to show them off. Updates usually introduce a horde of new vehicles, so it wouldn't hurt to have one comical vehicle from time to time just for the humor alone.

#3 - Combine Harvester


Interestingly, the Combine Harvester has solid stats in GTA 5, but it's not fully implemented. Predictably, this means that this classic GTA San Andreas vehicle is absent in GTA Online. This vehicle is unique, even among GTA San Andreas vehicles, given that it can run over people, shredding them apart.

Such a vehicle would be interesting if modified for Arena Wars, as it would fit in with the other dangerous-looking vehicles associated with that update. Of course, it would have to be faster and given a few other improvements to be more viable.

Other vehicles were altered statistically, so it wouldn't be unheard of if something like the Combine Harvester were made more beneficial, if only because it looks unique.

#2 - Broadway

The Broadway (Image via GTA Wiki)
The Broadway (Image via GTA Wiki)

Unique vehicles that come with their vehicle-based side mission might not be feasible in GTA Online, but Rockstar could always choose to introduce the vehicle itself. GTA Online could always use more convertible lowriders, and the Broadway looks stylish enough to stand out from the rest of the pack.

It's an old-school car, but GTA Online has plenty of old-school cars like the Z-type, so it won't look odd by being put in the game. Plus, GTA Online has flying motorcycles and cars that can go underwater, so Broadway's visuals should be considered a strength, not a weakness.

There are many themed updates that Broadway could complement, so it would be nice to reintroduce it to the series. It hasn't shown up since GTA San Andreas, making some fans hope that it will return sooner rather than never.

#1 - Vortex


GTA San Andreas has started introducing the more wacky vehicles fans know and love, with Vortex being one of them. It can drive on land yet also float on water. Although it wasn't a spectacular vehicle in GTA San Andreas, it's still an interesting one to include in GTA Online, given how many ridiculous vehicles they have today.

Technically, there is a vehicle known as Vortex in GTA Online. However, the Vortex of GTA Online is substantially different from the Vortex of GTA San Andreas. In the former game, it's a motorcycle that looks nothing like the hovercraft of the last game.

Submergible vehicles already exist in GTA Online, so they could make the San Andreas Vortex more unique, just like how the Deluxo could fly in GTA Online (yet it was a boring car in GTA Vice City).

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