5 major plot holes in GTA San Andreas

GTA: San Andreas has one of the best storylines but also has many plot holes that can
GTA: San Andreas has one of the best storylines but also has many plot holes that can't be ignored. (Image via Rockstar Games)

Fans of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, one of the most decorated games in the GTA franchise, remember the game's story, characters, and locations quite well. The protagonist of the game is still regarded as one of the best among the franchise's other protagonists.

The plot is one of the fan favorites, but it is not without flaws and plot holes. Players who replayed the game came up with numerous questions and situations that made no sense. Some missions require CJ to acquire vehicles in the most difficult of ways, and when players attempted the easier route, it failed.

This article will list five major plot holes in GTA: San Andreas, in no particular order.

Plot holes in GTA San Andreas

1) Cop Wheels


CJ and his friends are about to rob Caligula during this GTA: SA mission when one of Woozie's guys informs CJ that the armored trucks are frequently escorted by police bikes. CJ then mentions that he will get the police bikes himself and travel to various locations on the map to steal them.

Police bikes can only be seen in four locations, but the same bikes can be seen almost anywhere throughout the game. Surprisingly, if the player steals and stores these police bikes in the garage before the mission begins, these bikes cannot be used for this mission, forcing CJ to obtain the specific bikes.

2) Freefall


During this mission, Freefall, Salvatore Leone informs CJ that the Forelli Family is sending some hitmen to have Salvatore killed. CJ heads to the airport, grabs armor, and then gets into a Dodo plane and flies towards the marked height, after which a cutscene shows CJ diving from his aircraft and landing on top of the jet.

CJ even manages to open the main door to get inside and kill all four hitmen inside and, finally, the Pilot. Given that few people were in the Private Jet, CJ could easily have taken them down after the plane landed at the airport, making things easier and avoiding the unrealistic cutscene.

3) Up, Up, and Away


Another mission in GTA: SA, where CJ's plan sounds ridiculous and necessitates a significant amount of effort. CJ requires an armored truck and intends to break into a military fuel dump and kill a large number of soldiers; he climbs to the roof, straps on a minigun, and shoots down two Apache helicopters.

CJ then proceeds to the helipad and commandeers a sky-crane chopper. CJ then goes to where the armored truck is parked and uses the sky crane to lift it. CJ could have broken into the location with the armored truck and driven it directly to the airstrip, bypassing the Military depot and making the mission much easier.

4) Dam and Blast


CJ came up with another bizarre idea in GTA: SA's casino heist prep mission. CJ's plan to knock out power in the casino during the heist involves flying over and landing on the Dam. CJ safely lands and enters the Dam's generator room to install satchel charges in the generators. CJ is trapped once they're planted.

The hatch is locked, and cops surround CJ, who jumps from the dam's roof into the water and miraculously survives. CJ blows those charges on the day of the heist by knocking out the casino's power supply, which is strange because the cops surrounding CJ don't check the generator rooms to make sure everything is okay.

5) Mike Toreno


ICJ is tasked with rescuing Mike Toreno in this GTA: SA mission. Mike and the van containing the drug shipment are kidnapped by the mob. T-Bone and CJ arrive at Easter Bay Airport based on Mike's directions and the noise from his call. The mobs could have gotten away with murdering Mike in the docks, but instead proceed to the airport.

The runway is the least discreet location, making the mob's entire scheme appear absurd. Surprisingly, after CJ saves Mike and blows up the vehicle, a white Limo spawns right next to them, which they use to flee the cops; entering Paint-n-Spray repaints the Limo white, which makes no sense.

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Edited by Advitya Singh