5 best GTA San Andreas supporting characters, ranked

GTA San Andreas have some of the best Supporting characters (Images via Rockstar Games)
GTA San Andreas have some of the best Supporting characters (Images via Rockstar Games)

GTA San Andreas has one of the best lineups of supporting characters from the entire GTA series, and one can even argue that its characters are the main reason why its story is still loved by so many players even after so many years.

Most of the time, especially in video games, supporting characters can easily get annoying for the players, but with GTA San Andreas, it's an entirely different situation, as the supporting characters in this game are compelling and interesting.

But this is definitely not true for every single supporting character in the game, and because of that, this article will provide players with the top five best-supporting characters in GTA San Andreas.

Note: This article reflects the writer's subjective views and opinions.

Top Five GTA San Andreas supporting characters

5) Frank Tepenny


Frank Tenpenny is arguably one of the best villains in all of gaming, as players can clearly witness that he is a corrupt cop who is violent, vicious, heartless, manipulative, and impetuous man.

Tenpenny is also rather arrogant and cruel, and he is easily irritated if things do not go as planned. He is a psychopath who appears to have no qualms about hurting others verbally or physically and appears to enjoy inflicting cruelty on others.

Another Tenpenny's distinguishing feature is his egocentric superiority complex, with him expressing a pleasure in manipulating people and being "in command" of those around him. This makes him a pretty intimidating character whose demise at the end also feels very satisfying, thus making him a memorable character.

4) Big Smoke


Big Smoke is introduced in the game as Carl's joyful but slightly reckless companion. Unlike Sweet, who regularly chastised Carl for being a "Busta" for fleeing Los Santos and held him "responsible" for his brother's death, Big Smoke constantly consoles Carl and pushes him to join the gang, even vowing to find those responsible for his mother's death despite being guilty (though unwittingly) for the drive-by shooting that killed her.

The humorous personality of Big Smoke quickly makes him one of the most likable characters in the game. Unfortunately, as the game's story progresses, it is revealed that Big Smoke has been working under Officer Tenpenny all along.

This is not only a massive betrayal for Carl but also for the players, who have grown attached to him. Thus, making Big Smoke is also a great example of a three-dimensional character who has his own ideas and goals that is separate from the main character and how players should judge characters only by what they put on the surface.

3) Cesar Vialpando


Cesar is one of the nicest, most loyal, compassionate, and unselfish characters in GTA San Andreas, making him a fan favorite. His allegiance is demonstrated when he stops his gang members from fighting Carl in the mission Cesar Vialpando. He also promises Carl that he would look after his sister Kendl and protect her from harm.

When it comes to Kendl, he is truly sympathetic and protective of her, as seen by his attempts to confront the construction workers for bullying her in the mission Deconstruction. Cesar almost acts as a moral compass in the game, one of the rare characters who does not hide who he truly is.

2) The Truth


The Truth is an elderly hippy who lives in Flint County and once ran a cannabis plantation. Being a conspiracy theorist, he appears to be well informed of government and linked organization machinations. He is constantly putting CJ into insane situations while constantly spewing out conspiracy theories that may or may not be true.

But calling him crazy would be an understatement, The Truth is more of an independent thinker in his own right, and the more the players spend time with him, the more accustomed they would get to his view and even sometimes ironically agree with him. He will always be one of the most entertaining characters in GTA San Andreas.

1) Mike Toreno


Mike Toreno is probably the most interesting characters in GTA San Andreas, who philosophically is a cynical American imperialist and uses Carl mostly as a courier, saboteur, and assassin. He is also one of the rare morally gray characters.

Toreno is aware of Frank Tenpenny and Eddie Pulaski's corrupt natures, but he refuses to utilize his influence to stop them. Toreno is a character that players might not understand in the first place, but if they keep replaying the game, again and again, his ideology could be better understood. Simply put, Toreno is always focusing on the big picture and wants Carl to do the same.

Toreno, like Tenpenny, appears to be drawn to executing horrific deeds in the service of a larger cause, but unlike Tenpenny, Toreno is not corrupted by his authority.

He equates the preservation of the American socioeconomic system with the survival of the free world. Thus, players can also feel a layer of satire dripping through his characterization.

Many players might even feel negative about him, but he still manages to be a man of his word, keeping his commitment to Carl and obtaining his brother's early release from prison, making him even more complex as a character.

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