The 5 most action-packed missions in the GTA franchise

GTA franchise is nothing without some action packed chase and shootouts. (Image via YouTube/Racing Car Games)
GTA franchise is nothing without some action packed chase and shootouts. (Image via YouTube/Racing Car Games)

Rockstar Games have done a fabulous job with the GTA series by developing and improving all the chaos and action we've seen in the past games. Every title in the Grand Theft Auto franchise has missions that are packed with action, comedic timing, and all the ammo and vehicles to make it interesting too.

The element of action has never gone down in the series, with developers constantly trying to include new ways to keep the missions more engaging. The Grand Theft Auto series has always stayed true to this core idea and players have loved the unique missions. This is what has made the series stand out from other video games.

This article will list five of the most action-packed missions from the GTA series.

Note: This article is subjective and solely reflects the opinion of the writer.

5 of the most action-packed missions in the GTA series

5) The Big Score (Obvious option) - GTA 5


When listing the most action-packed missions, The Big Score mission from GTA 5 must be included. For those who love shooting and chaos with a good amount of action, the "obvious" option of this mission is a must-try. Throughout the twenty minutes or so that the mission takes to complete, players will be on the edge.

They will be required to drill into a vault and break out with the gold before flying away in choppers. Just like in every heist mission of the series, one will face shootouts from all around, first from security everywhere and then the chasing cops. That, along with the required complex driving skills, keeps the mission tense till the end.

4) Breaking the Bank at Caligula's - GTA San Andreas


One of San Andreas' most famous heists lives up to the hype to be included on this list. Throughout the heist, players are kept engaged in action. The crew is required to steal a keycard and enter a Mafia casino, while CJ drops a few smoke grenades to avoid guards and turns off the main power generator.

In the basement, players face triads that must be gunned down within the given time limit. After stealing the money, CJ and the Triads go to the casino's roof where the former must grab a parachute to jump over to the roof on the other side with the SAPD chopper, where he kills the cops before taking it to the safe house.

4) Three Leaf Clover - GTA 4


GTA 4 has a well-written storyline, and this mission in particular is one of the most ambitious and well-executed in the game. Niko is assigned this job by Patrick. Along with Packie, Michael, and Derrick, he is tasked with the job of robbing the Bank of Liberty.

Missions rarely go smoothly in the Grand Theft Auto series of games, at least not before players find themselves chased by a good number of enemies from all sides. This time, there's a team of NOOSE and LCPD officers chasing them. After a tense chase, they eventually escaped via the subway tracks, stealing a vehicle and heading to the McReary household.

2) Keep your friends close - GTA Vice City


Vice City's final mission gives the game a fitting finale, with a mission involving a shootout, betrayal, and a sense of achievement in the end. This mission has everything from start to finish. In a surprising twist to the end, Lance betrays Tommy and then Sonny faces his anger over fake cash.

Players face hordes of Forelli Family members, which leads to a heavy gunfight before Tommy gets to the rooftop and kills Lance. The former eventually kills Sonny as well to take over Vice City for good.

1) End of Line - GTA San Andreas


End of the Line is rightly one of the best missions for action lovers. In this wild mission from Grand Theft Auto San Andreas, players get to drive S.W.A.T. tanks. These are used to take down Big Smoke's crack palace. CJ then hunts down Tenpenny, the main antagonist in the story, who escapes in a firetruck.

Vagos gang members will keep throwing explosive cocktails in the rioting streets in between the chase. Finally, Tenpenny loses control of his truck, crashes, and is killed on the road.

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