5 major things we learned from the GTA 6 Trailer

Major reveals in the GTA 6 Trailer (Image via Rockstar Games)
Major reveals in the GTA 6 Trailer (Image via Rockstar Games)

The official GTA 6 trailer is out early thanks to leakers, but that also means that gamers now have seen the first tidbits about perhaps the most anticipated game in history a day early. Promised to be a vast game much like its predecessors, the trailer has been a revelation for fans parched off Grand Theft Auto content.

This article will go through some of the most impressive things that were revealed in the GTA 6 trailer 1, which all fans should know about as we get into the long haul of waiting for it to release.

Top 5 takeaways from the GTA 6 trailer

1) We have a name for the protagonist

With leaks and rumors buzzing about a female protagonist coming to GTA 6, we finally have a name for her—Lucia. She features heavily in the trailer as Rockstar Games gives fans an overview of the game, and it looks like she is up to no good. The trailer starts with Lucia getting out of prison, and it seems like she won't be able to stay out of trouble.

After all, the trailer ends with her robbing a store with her partner, who remains unnamed as of now. While the anti-woke mob may had reservations about the trajectory of the game, the trailer has seen enormous support from gamers all around.

2) Release window

The top thing on the minds of gamers is obviously how fast they can get their hands on GTA 6. As confirmed by the trailer and subsequent press conferences, fans will have to wait a little more than a year as the game is slated to be released sometime in 2025.

While no other information has been provided about the timing, most fans will be praying for an early 2025 release. However, the press release has confirmed that the game will be available on PS5 and Xbox X|S on launch. This could mean that PC gamers may have to wait a bit longer.

3) Return to Vice City

Back to Vice City (Image via Rockstar Games)
Back to Vice City (Image via Rockstar Games)

More than two decades since the release of GTA Vice City, Grand Theft Auto makes a triumphant return to the Miami-inspired Vice City. From sunny beaches to alligator-filled swampland, the GTA 6 Trailer 1 showcased a wide variety of biomes that players will be able to explore.

As for Vice City itself, the car-filled streets decked to the brim with lights, with people jogging in droves, are surely going to bring a true next-gen feeling to the game. We also got a drone shot of the islands, with hints that the fictional name of the state is Leonida.

4) Next-gen graphics

With the release of GTA 6 still more than a year away, it is safe to say that the game will look beautiful, and from the trailer itself, the first next-gen Rockstar Game did not disappoint. Fans have already flooded social media with screenshots from the trailer that showcase the beauty of Vice City and its surroundings.

While prior leaks of in-development gameplay had caused many to criticize the graphics, the trailer shines with amazing lighting and atmospheric effects that blur the lines between fiction and reality.

5) The hair graphics

With GTA 6 getting a female protagonist, the game also needs to have some good hair graphics, and if the trailer is any indication, the game has nailed this aspect. While we may not have names for most of the NPC characters showcased by Rockstar Games or even know if they will be in the game, the hair physics in the trailer is top-notch.

The hair graphics in the trailer (Image via Rockstar Games)
The hair graphics in the trailer (Image via Rockstar Games)

From curly hair to straight, from buns to dreadlocks, the hair in the game looks to be fantastic, and considering how Grand Theft Auto games usually let players experiment a lot with the appearance of their character, we will hopefully be able to try on a lot of styles.

Bonus: Social media may be a big in-game feature

The GTA 6 trailer does a very good job of showcasing the myriad of things happening in and around Vice City. Social media is a major element, with a TikTok or Instagram-like short-form video platform giving fans a peak into the madness that is sure to be Grand Theft Auto 6.

It is unclear how heavily social media may be featured in the final game. But considering how previous games, such as GTA V, required a lot of interaction with the smartphone, it is likely that Rockstar Games will give social media a bigger space this time around.

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