5 mods to make GTA San Andreas more realistic and immersive in 2022

Cleo mods bring a lot of real-life situations and experiences to GTA: San Andreas. (Image via YouTube/TheJizzy)
Cleo mods bring a lot of real-life situations and experiences to GTA: San Andreas. (Image via YouTube/TheJizzy)

Rockstar Games' GTA series has been popular ever since its inception and there's a lot of hype for the release of the next game too. With the release of Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy – Definitive Edition last year, three of the old games in the series, Grand Theft Auto III, Vice City, and San Andreas, were reintroduced.

Fans still enjoy the original version of all these games more than the definitive edition, with many claiming they're a timeless classic. To make things more interesting, modders have improved the game for better visuals, a better gameplay experience, and for the characters to look a lot better.

With each iteration of the mods, the game has looked more realistic and immersive to keep the old ones relevant and fun to play. This article will list out the best of the mods to get an immersive experience while playing San Andreas.

Note: This article is not ranked in any order and contains the writer's opinion.

Mods to use for an immersive experience while playing GTA: San Andreas

CLEO Modifications have come up with a bunch of mods to bring a real-life experience to GTA: San Andreas. These mods can be fun and also quite interesting to try out.

1) Realistic Eating


This mod opens eat-outs for players to enter, order food and sit and have it inside too. San Andreas did have a drive-thru which was quite famous for Big Smoke's order. This mod improvises the in-game dining experience, with CJ being able to get in and place an order.

Different meal options are displayed one by one and when one is purchased, a cutscene plays where CJ is shown sitting down and eating. This plays for a few seconds after which he is shown standing with the option to leave or place another order.

2) Gasoline mod


It's a known fact that vehicles in the GTA series never run out of fuel. So, in order to bring more realism to the game, this is a mod players can try. Gasoline mod adds a bar below when players drive around in a car. The bar keeps going down as they drive around.

Players can even visit gas stations to fuel up by stopping at a marker. There does not seem to be any money being debited. This does give players a unique experience to have an added element of keeping tabs on the fuel while driving.

3) Open trunk and hood manually


This mod lets players open up the hood and trunk of vehicles anywhere on the map. This action isn't possible in any of the games in the GTA series and hence this adds another new element in bringing the game closer to being realistic.

4) Realistic hospital in Las Venturas

Realistic Hospital mod by CLEO which gives players access to the interiors. (Image via gtaall)
Realistic Hospital mod by CLEO which gives players access to the interiors. (Image via gtaall)

This mod adds a more realistic looking hospital to the game from the outside and the inside which is accessible to the players. The paramedic vehicles look a lot better with improved graphics.

Normally, when players lose their life, they spawn outside a hospital with full health. With this mod installed, players spawn inside the hospital in Las Venturas and they're able to walk around and explore the hospital. Almost all of the hospital's interior is accessible, including offices and rooms.

5) Accidents on the road


This mod brings accidents to the game, which isn't something new to the GTA series of games. Once this is applied, players driving around will witness a post-accident scene with cops and a paramedic vehicle.

The scene of the accident will also include barricades to make it that much more realistic. Players can walk over to the scene as well and check the crashed vehicles up close.

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