5 toughest missions in GTA San Andreas

GTA: San Andreas had one of the best storylines, while also being filled with challenging missions. (Image via Rockstar Games)
GTA: San Andreas had one of the best storylines, while also being filled with challenging missions. (Image via Rockstar Games)

The missions in GTA San Andreas are arguably more difficult than those in the early games of the Grand Theft Auto series. In this widely popular franchise, frustrating missions are a mainstay. While some players like the challenge, others equally dislike it.

Everyone plays the game differently, so some people can find certain missions difficult or at times easier than other players.

This article reminisces about all the difficult missions from GTA: San Andreas and the reason why they were so.

Disclaimer: This list reflects the writer's personal views.

5 GTA San Andreas missions that players grew fed up with

5) Wrong Side of the Tracks


Mission 15 in GTA: San Andreas is a memorable one. While most players find the mission quite easy to deal with, many beginners had a frustrating time. Every failed attempt had Big Smoke throw a legendary dialogue at CJ, which is still quite popular.

"All we had to do was follow the damn train, CJ!"

Most GTA beginners opted to just drive by the side of the train, waiting for Big Smoke to shoot down the gang on top of the train. A better alternative was to jump onto the train and start firing at the gang using a Micro SMG or maybe even throw a grenade at the train to stop it and complete the mission.

In any case, the mission will forever be remembered as one of the most frustrating in the game.

4) End of the Line


End of the Line is the last mission in GTA: San Andreas and requires players to take over at least 35% of the territories in Los Santos. Being the final mission in the game, it's appropriately difficult and frustrating with a whole lot of objectives to accomplish.

The mission has a lot going on, including shootouts, escaping a building on fire, and lots of driving. So, there's a high chance of slipping up. Being the conclusion to an epic game, the mission lives up to the billing but it's still a lot of fun.The mission could either be quite frustrating or give a memorable end to the game.

3) Supply Lines


Everybody remembers the Demolition Man mission in Vice City that required a fair bit of practice to get through. Handling RC toys in the game is never fun and that's the case with this mission as well.

GTA: San Andreas' Supply Lines mission isn't as unforgiving as Demolition Man was in Vice City, as the wonky controls aren't as big of a hindrance in taking down the targets.

There were five targets that needed to be taken down by CJ using an RC plane with a machine gun, and then have the RC plane return to the starting point before it runs out of fuel. The mission can be quite frustrating for some players if not handled with patience.

2) Flight School (All gold medals)


This side-mission has ten daunting flight lessons to complete with a set of objectives to achieve to acquire all ten gold medals. The rewards of the missions depend on the final medals received.

The reward for completing all lessons with a Bronze medal is a Rustler, for Silver medals its a Stunt Plane and if the player gets Gold medals, they get a Hunter. These planes will always be available for players to use at Verdant Meadows.

For perfectionists looking to ace the lessons and win the Hunter can be a cumbersome task, at least not without a few practice rounds.

1) Madd Dogg


Game developers sometimes add glitches to get to players who use cheats and mods and end up completing the game with minimal effort. Some of these glitches might include players not being able to progress through certain points in missions if cheats are found to be enabled. This GTA San Andreas mission goes along similar lines.

The frustrating part of this mission here is not Madd Dogg himself, who is trying to end his life by jumping off a high-rise. The frustrating part is the glitch that makes Madd Dogg jump off before the player has a second to get the pickup train meant to catch him when he jumps.

The glitch requires players to wipe out the entire game's progress to reach that point again to try another shot, which can be very infuriating. Players who get stuck in this glitch can find this to be the end of the GTA San Andreas game, if they are not looking for a solution as shown in the video above.

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