5 animals that had a memorable role in the GTA series

Chop is one of the most iconic animals in the GTA series (Image via Rockstar Games)
Chop is one of the most iconic animals in the GTA series (Image via Rockstar Games)

Strangely enough, the GTA series has had a few named animals serve a memorable role that some fans still remember to this day.

More often than not, animals played a largely insignificant role within the GTA series. In the 3D universe, they were just background objects that the player couldn't interact with. Animals had a more interactable role in GTA 4 (as the players can kill pigeons and cockroaches). They became even more significant and intractable in GTA 5.

However, even games like GTA San Andreas have memorable animals. There might not be too many significant animals in the series, but the present few have a memorable role that makes them easy to remember.

Five memorable animals within the GTA series

5) Dexie (GTA 5)

Trevor, stealing Dexie's collar (Image via GTA Wiki)
Trevor, stealing Dexie's collar (Image via GTA Wiki)

Dexie only appears in one mission, where Trevor has to steal her expensive collar. Dexie belongs to Kerry McIntosh (a celebrity in GTA 5), and the dog isn't seen or heard from again after this mission.

It's a small role, but it's an example of GTA 5 giving animals a bigger role than the GTA games of yesteryear.

4) Tony (GTA San Andreas)


A talking parrot that references Scarface is aptly appropriate when one realizes that Ken Rosenberg owns it. Ken Rosenberg was a character from GTA Vice City, which was a game chock-full of Scarface references. Plus, there is also the obvious correlation between the parrot's name and Tony Montana from Scarface.

GTA San Andreas players only see Tony in the cutscenes of five missions, but he is a talking parrot, so he's pretty difficult to forget. It's a good role, and he does appear in more missions than plenty of human characters do.

3) El Rubio's Panther (GTA Online)

El Rubio's panther (Image via GTA Wiki)
El Rubio's panther (Image via GTA Wiki)

El Rubio is one of GTA Online's most memorable new characters, so it's only fitting that his prized panther would get some recognition. Many GTA Online players have done the Cayo Perico Heist at least once, so they've seen the panther a few times at least.

Panthers are dangerous animals, and the player is reminded of that when they see El Rubio send Gustavo to his death in this manner.

2) Chop (GTA 5)


Chop is the first animal that players could control in a GTA game. He's Lamar's dog, which Franklin often has at his home. It's hard for players to forget about a large Rottweiler, given its significance in GTA 5. Chop can be seen near Franklin in several Switch Scenes.

Fans of the iFruit app can also customize Chop to see how happy he is in-game. Other than that, he plays a small role in a few missions and is considered the tritagonist of Franklin's story.

1) Bigfoot (GTA 5)


Bigfoot is technically an animal, as are humans, but it would be redundant to talk more about them in a list like this. Although his status has been disputed in previous GTA games, Bigfoot has a few memorable roles in GTA 5.

He first shows up as an Easter Egg in the mission, Predator. Later, the player can collect all Peyote Plants and then collect a Golden Peyote Plant to play Bigfoot.

The player can also fight the Beast as Bigfoot, unlock both characters in Director Mode if the player wins.

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