5 NPCs in GTA games that protagonists have interesting interactions with

Interacting with these NPCs in-game can be interesting (Image via GTA 5/Rockstar Games)
Interacting with these NPCs in-game can be interesting (Image via GTA 5/Rockstar Games)

In addition to the brilliant cast of characters in the GTA franchise, one simply cannot ignore the various NPCs that interact with players and react to situations.

From begging for money, to performing at the pier, these NPCs are numerous and they play an integral part in the game. With that being said, here are a few interesting NPCs that protagonists can interact with.


Top five interesting NPCs in GTA that players can interact with

5) Tramps

Tramps are one of the most intriguing NPCs in the GTA franchise. In GTA 5, Tramps will hold up a sign for money that states they were robbed by Serbian men, which is a reference to the much-loved protagonist Niko Bellic.

In addition to holding up signs, they can follow players into their vehicle, and in GTA 4, they will even call the cops on players if they fire a gun or commit a crime nearby.


4) Military

Military NPCs have been present in nearly every GTA game, and they function much the same. However, in GTA 5 the AI works extremely well owing to which, players can get arrested by military personnel in-game upon having a wanted level.

In addition to the arrests, the Military NPC will even commandeer vehicles and chase players down if they try to run. Suffice to say, interacting less with militarized zones within GTA is a smart idea.


3) Crack Dealer

Given that the entire storyline of GTA San Andreas revolves around drug abuse and power struggles within gangs, it's no surprise that Drug Dealers appear in-game.

Now, while CJ can indeed interact with them, given that Sweet has kept the Grove Street Families away from drugs, it's only obvious that CJ stays away from them as well. Even if players want to buy drugs, CJ will always refuse them.


2) Buskers

In GTA 5 when players switch over to Trevor, they might find him in front of the Oriental Theater, doing what he does best: causing chaos by smashing a guitar on a Busker's head.

In addition to smashing guitars on the head, players in GTA 4 can interact with these buskers and pay them $10. This will instantly restore a player's health. On the flip side, if the player pushes a busker, the chances of a fist fight breaking out are high.


1) Street Criminals

Much like in real life, these unwanted members of society will try to commit crime as well. Although they aren't really a nuisance, they can end up stealing a player's vehicle in-game.

These criminal NPCs often get into trouble with other NPCs as well, while trying to steal their vehicle. They are so disliked in the GTA franchise that even paramedics are willing to take them on in a fist fight.


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