5 reasons why fans love Woozie from GTA San Andreas

Luck is for losers in the GTA series (Image via Rockstar Games)
Luck is for losers in the GTA series (Image via Rockstar Games)

Wu Zi Mu, better known as Woozie, is a fan-favorite of GTA San Andreas; he still retains popularity to this day.

The co-leader of the San Fierro Triads, he commands a great deal of respect. Woozie is one of CJ's most valuable allies. Had it not been for him, GTA San Andreas players would have a harder time with the Loco Syndicate. He assisted the player in several key missions.

Woozie is a popular character in the player base. He's a relatively chill guy who's always there to help. Unlike the abrasive Sweet and annoying Zero, Woozie is an enjoyable presence in GTA San Andreas. It's a remarkable feat to stand out in a game with several memorable characters.

Five reasons why Woozie from GTA San Andreas is a beloved character

#5 - His blind luck is a sight to behold


Woozie's defining trait is his blindness. Despite his inability to see, however, his handicap doesn't stop him in any way. He trained his other senses to compensate.

Woozie somehow manages to drive street races and hold his own in shootouts. GTA San Andreas players will start to ask themselves if he is actually blind. Most of his situations are played for laughs.

Nonetheless, Woozie can run into walls if not careful. Most of his men attribute his success to unnatural luck. However, they will rig games in his favor, as CJ finds out during a golf session.

#4 - Woozie is not someone to mess with

"Your mothers were demon s***s!"

Although he is an affable gentleman, Woozie has a darker underside. When he gets into a shootout with a rival gang, he will start yelling random obscenities at his enemies. GTA San Andreas players will be glad he's on their side.

A prime example of his ruthlessness can be seen in the mission You've Had Your Chips. Woozie finds out the Sindacco family has been making fun of his blindness with counterfeit chips. He sends CJ to a plastic factory to destroy their machines, killing several mafia members along the way.

Woozie may be a nice guy with polite manners, but he is still a criminal boss. The Sindacco family found out in the worst possible way.

#3 - He’s calm, cool, and collected


Berserk moments aside, Woozie usually keeps his head in check. He doesn't strike first unless the enemy does. The San Fierro Triads are among the friendlier gangs in GTA San Andreas. It's readily apparent in the mission's cut-scenes, where players see his personality firsthand.

After he loses a countryside race to CJ, Woozie gracefully accepts his loss. He then offered CJ work in the San Fierro area. Unlike Grove Street Families and Catalina beforehand, Woozie never undermines CJ nor does he verbally abuse him. Woozie is one of the few characters to fully respect him.

For the most part, Woozie is a relatively peaceful man. He is one of the very few allies that do not betray CJ in the end, along with Cesar and The Truth. Throughout GTA San Andreas, he proved himself to be a useful ally. Players can't ask for much more than that, at the very least.

#2 - The Triads are helpful allies


To ascend the criminal ladder of GTA San Andreas, it's important to make powerful connections. Otherwise, the players are left on their own. The friendly Triads are just what the players need to settle in San Fierro and Las Venturas.

There are several missions where AI-controlled allies will assist the player. Whether it's robbing a rival gang or taking over a mansion, the Mountain Cloud Boys will lend a helpful hand. Woozie even offered CJ a stake in the Four Dragons Casino, provided he helped with the setup.

Liberty City Stories seems to imply Woozie was highly successful in his business ventures across the country. GTA San Andreas players should be proud of their hard work. CJ can practically stack hundreds of dollar bills to make a new home.

#1 - CJ has good chemistry with him


At first glance, CJ and Woozie seem to live in separate worlds. They come from completely different racial and social backgrounds. However, despite their differences, they get along just fine with each other.

CJ and Woozie have one of the more fun interactions in the entire game. One example is CJ recounting his horrible swimming experiences with the Triad co-leader. GTA San Andreas is well-known for its humorous approach to conversations, to which CJ and Woozie carry themselves well.

Even with the darker elements of the story, Woozie lightens it up just a little bit. GTA San Andreas thrives on character interactions, which is one of his main strengths. Woozie is a great partner to share a scene with.

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