5 reasons why GTA 5 on the PS5 will have better graphics than the original

New visual details will be added in the next game (Image via Sportskeeda)
New visual details will be added in the next game (Image via Sportskeeda)

PlayStation 5 owners will get to enjoy GTA 5 like never before, thanks to several graphical improvements.

The game is set to be released on March 15 for modern consoles. Rockstar Games will try to take advantage of the advanced technology these systems provide, especially the PlayStation 5. The upcoming re-release of GTA 5 will make good use of the latest console hardware.

Whether it's ray-tracing or new graphics modes, Rockstar promises "new levels of visual detail" for GTA 5. All of this is now possible with the next-gen consoles. However, this article will mainly discuss the PlayStation 5 version.

Five reasons why GTA 5 on the PlayStation 5 will have far better graphics than previous versions

5) Loading times won't be a significant issue


Depending on earlier systems, it can sometimes take a while to load the entire map. For a brief moment, the graphics won't be as crisp and clear as they should be. That will change with the more advanced PlayStation 5 hardware.

Solid-state drives, also known as SSD, are very fast storage devices that can load games instantly. GTA 5 players will be able to reduce the occasional stuttering while they play the game. Everything will be loaded into the game very quickly.

4) HDR options


According to Rockstar Games, the PlayStation 5 port will have HDR gaming displays. HDR stands for "high dynamic range," which means that monitors will display brighter colors with more contrast. Los Santos is definitely going to stand out more with richer shades and hues.

3) Ray tracing


The above video is not official gameplay from the upcoming re-release. Instead, it's a graphics mod designed to showcase what ray tracing can do.

Ray tracing is basically a rendering technique that creates very naturalistic lighting. GTA 5 players will notice it right away as the sun rises and the shadows begin to retreat. Better yet, they can also see how the light reflects off their vehicles.

2) Players can switch graphics modes anytime they want


Rockstar wants their players to check out the new graphics modes for the upcoming re-release. PlayStation 5 owners can go to the settings and change it however they like. There are three different options to choose from:

  • Fidelity Mode: Best visual quality possible with 30 FPS
  • Performance Mode: Responsive gameplay experience with 60 FPS
  • Performance RT Mode: Combines Fidelity and Performance modes with 60 FPS

The power is within the player's own hands. It should be mentioned that all these graphics modes support the use of upscaled 4k resolution.

1) Native 4k resolution


The PlayStation 5 supports 4k resolution, which is four times higher than normal HD. The former has 4,000 pixels for better picture quality, while the latter only has 1,080. 4k resolution is the clear winner for a visual experience.

GTA 5 on the PlayStation 5 will have a native 4k resolution. Graphically speaking, this puts it way ahead of previous versions. Los Santos has never looked more detailed than it will on this system.

Note: This article reflects the writer's personal views.

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