5 secretive GTA 5 locations that most players are unaware of

Players continue to discover secret locations in GTA 5. (Image via YouTube/Nought)
Players continue to discover secret locations in GTA 5 (Image via Nought/YouTube)

GTA 5 is now nine years old, but the game continues to deliver the best experience for fans of open-world titles despite its age. The game's massive map will take beginners quite some time to explore and get used to. Even long-time players keep finding Easter eggs and locations they've never explored before.

Previous GTA titles have had their share of hidden collectibles for players to stumble across and collect for a reward or achievement. Most of these collectibles are stashed away in locations that are not directly obvious to players. This article is for players looking to simply explore the game or those hoping to find something new.

This article will list five secret locations in GTA 5 that players may have missed. These locations are not ranked in any particular order.

Note: This article is subjective and solely reflects the opinion of the writer.

GTA 5 hidden locations that players may not have come across

1) Mount Chiliad's cable car station


Inside Mount Chiliad's cable car station, players will find a hidden room with strange alien markings on the walls. The secret location in Mount Chiliad was discovered by players after a lot of searching.

Players still wonder if the markings on the ground can be deciphered, leading to them finding a jetpack or a mysterious object of some kind. Players are still exploring the location in search of similar Easter eggs and secret hideouts.

2) Control Tower


It's not easy getting to the top of the Control Tower, but there's a treat for those who dare to make the climb. This secret location is in Fort Zancudo and is a very unsafe place to be. It's a heavily guarded location, so players would be wise to pack some serious firepower if they're considering exploring the location.

Players who get to the top of the Control Tower will be rewarded with a re-spawning minigun that's fun to use.

3) Fort Zancudo lab


This hidden location requires a couple of mods for players to access. The mods (named 'Fort Zancudo Alien/UFO First Encounter' and 'Fort Zancudo Underground Base') will allow players to enter the heavily fortified Fort Zancudo and discover a secret underground lab.

Once the mod is installed, players will spot aliens, a hovering UFO, and an elevator that takes them all the way down to an underground lab.

4) Summer Snowman


Encountering a snowman in hot weather will always be an unusual experience. The Frigid warehouse in La Mesa has an Easter egg snowman.

If players can get into the warehouse, they will find several blue doors. One of the doors will be slightly open, and upon peeking inside, players will see a giant snowman that looks like it's staring right back at them. This is one of the more creepy Easter eggs in the game.

5) Mount Chiliad's base


The secret location at Mount Chiliad's base is a nice homage to the movie No Country for Old Men. The location has a neat surprise for curious players. On the mountain's west side, players will find lifeless corpses and abandoned cars.

One man can be found alive among the corpses, and he warns the player not to take the silver briefcase full of money that's next to him. Players can choose to either spare the person who's already heavily injured or shoot him. Once the briefcase is taken, players get a cool $GTA 25,000.

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