5 best easter eggs and pop culture references in GTA San Andreas

GTA players should look for these Easter eggs in San Andreas (Image via HDQwalls)
GTA players should look for these Easter eggs in San Andreas (Image via HDQwalls)

GTA games are packed full of Easter eggs and pop culture references. The critically acclaimed popular title Grand Theft Auto San Andreas is no exception. Although Rockstar incorporates nearly everything into its signature style, some elements stand out in the game.

Over the years, GTA fans have discovered numerous references inside the game. While many are well-known and easily identified, others may be overlooked due to their ability to blend into the game. This article will cover five Easter eggs and pop culture references in San Andreas.

Note: This article is subjective and only reflects the writer's opinions. The listings are not in any order.

Remarkable Easter eggs and pop culture references in GTA San Andreas

1) Changing moon size


Many players are unaware that the moon in GTA San Andreas is a subtle easter egg that changes size. When CJ shoots the moon with a sniper rifle, it gets larger. Typically, the moon grows with each shot until it reaches its limit and shrinks back down.

Players can fiddle with it and change the size of the moon to their liking. While doing so, they must be aware of their surroundings as it may prompt nearby police to apprehend CJ.

2) Zombotech is Umbrella Corporation


While solo GTA fans may not identify the Zombotech Corporation, Resident Evil diehards will recognize it as a parody of the Umbrella Corporation from the series. The company, which has its headquarters in San Fierro's Downtown neighborhood, has been identified as a hotel in one of the missions in San Andreas.

Additionally, players can find other Umbrella Corporation references, such as a sign that reads "Sinister Zombie Virus Research Corporation" and elevator directions to the Zombie Lab. Although no zombies or related elements can be seen inside or around the building, players are convinced that it refers to the Resident Evil series.

3) Celebrity NPCs


NPCs are probably the most overlooked element in games, as their sole purpose is to fill the liveliness of the surroundings. Players often do not look after NPCs unless instructed by the game. While this is true in most cases, GTA San Andreas reformed NPCs by including celebrity references.

Tupac Shakur, Kurt Cobain, Elvis Presley, LL Cool J, and many others can roam the streets of various cities in the game. These are tributes to the cited individuals. Tupac's NPC pays homage to his role as Bishop in the Juice film, while Kurt Cobain's outfit alludes to an MTV Unplugged performance in New York City.

A female pedestrian who resembles Catherine Trammel from the film Basic Instinct and the alleged serial killer NPC named Mr. Trenchcoat can also be seen in the game.

4) Pokemon and SpongeBob SquarePants


Rockstar Games also references popular cartoons and anime shows in GTA San Andreas. A shop called Juguetes Regalos in Los Santos' East Beach has a banner with distorted images of Ash Ketchum and Pikachu, two popular Pokemon series characters.

The same neighborhood also has shop advertisements featuring SpongeBob SquarePants. One interesting fact is that San Andreas was released in 2004, but its events took place in 1992. As neither of the mentioned series existed in 1992, it is a strange easter egg regarding the plot.

Many GTA players believe this was an oversight by the developers because Los Angeles has several shops like this in real life.

5) RIP Opposition Memorial


While this Easter egg has no connection to any popular notion, Rockstar Games used it as a jab at its competitors, who debuted around the same time as Rockstar Games.

In San Fierro, 72 graves with the inscription "RIP Opposition 1997-2004" on their tombstones. It denotes Rockstar's rivalry with other game developers and how the GTA series dominated the video game industry.

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