5 things to buy early in GTA Online after Criminal Enterprises DLC

GTA Online players should look to buy these things as soon as possible (Image via Sportskeeda)
GTA Online players should look to buy these items as soon as possible (Image via Sportskeeda)

GTA Online Criminal Enterprises DLC has introduced significant changes along with several new items to the game. With the gameplay in dire need of a refreshed feel, the new Criminal Enterprises DLC has filled that void.

Although Rockstar Games focuses primarily on gameplay balance and quality of life improvements in this DLC, fans have also appreciated the new features added to the game. While no new businesses have been added, the existing ones have been updated to further benefit players.

This article lists five things to buy in GTA Online immediately following the Criminal Enterprises DLC update, ranging from gun-running businesses to executive benefits.

Note: This article is subjective and only reflects the writer's opinions. Listings are not in any order.

5 things in GTA Online that players will benefit from after the Criminal Enterprises DLC

1) Bunker


Bunker is one of GTA Online's most profitable businesses. With a full warehouse of bunker sales earning players up to $1 million in the game, the Criminal Enterprises DLC has increased the business' revenue.

Following the update, a new mission called the Ammu-Nation Contract was added to the bunkers. Players can earn an extra $50,000 by delivering weapon-loaded buggies to the Ammu-Nation Stores. The contract will have no effect on the bunker's existing stock, relieving players from fear of losing revenue.

This makes the Bunker a must-own business in the game. While GTA Online has several bunker options spread across the map, most players prefer the North Chumash Bunker or the Farmhouse Bunker. Gamers should also purchase at least the Staff and Equipment upgrades for maximum profits.

2) MC Club House


Previously, MC Club Houses were merely a dummy business used to purchase and monitor other MC businesses in GTA Online. Players can't do much with them other than hang out there for fun. However, the Criminal Enterprises DLC has changed the scenario of the Club House business, allowing them to function as mini-nightclubs, generating revenue for the owners.

Customers can visit the MC Club Houses and pay for drinks, which are credited into the players' earnings. The bar occasionally needs to be restocked, a process that only takes a few minutes.

Adding an optional Bike Workshop boosts potential revenue. Customers will occasionally drop off their bikes for modifications, which can contribute up to $50,000 in revenue upon successful delivery.

3) Executive Office


Like other businesses, the Executive Office business in GTA Online has also been upgraded. They now have a new delivery mission called "Export Mixed Goods" that pays $50,000 for only a few minutes of work.

To access this mission, GTA Online players must first own a Crate Warehouse. New assistants have been added to the warehouses, with Lupe being their manager. She initiates sales, which require players to deliver extra warehouse crates to the docks.

4) Nightclub


The nightclub is the most profitable passive business, bringing in up to $50,000 per in-game day by simply being online. The warehouse also contributes significantly to revenue, generating up to $1 million with minimal effort.

It is recommended that players purchase equipment and staff upgrades to stabilize their daily revenue generation. The business' popularity is directly proportional to its daily earnings, and players should try to maintain the highest level of popularity in order to maximize profits.

5) White Beat Off Earphone


While this may not be an important feature of the game, GTA Online players can show off their sense of style with the game's new AirPods parody. These are simply wireless earphones that characters can put on.

Aside from the style factor, the Beat Off Earphones do not produce any sound or music, and are only included for cosmetic purposes. Completing a Sell Mission from the Nightclub, Gunrunning, MC, or Special Cargo warehouses will unlock these earphones.

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