5 things GTA 6 could learn from GTA 4

GTA 4 may be old, but it is still regarded as one of the best (Image via DeviantArt)
GTA 4 may be old, but it is still regarded as one of the best (Image via DeviantArt)
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Somawk Banerjee

GTA 4 featured Niko Bellic and his escapades, and the game is regarded as one of the best in the series. There are many reasons why Niko and his story are special. Grand Theft Auto 4's story and approach were utterly different compared to all the other games in the series.

Grand Theft Auto 6's confirmation via Rockstar has fans riled up and anxious. Players are constantly discussing how the upcoming game might turn out. Wishlists are being posted all over social media, and rumors and leaks are also in full swing. This article discusses a few points the upcoming game can take from Niko's story.

Things that GTA 6 could learn from GTA 4

5) Realism


The fourth game in the series took the realism factor up quite a few notches. Niko and Liberty City in Grand Theft Auto 4 do more than just tell a story, and the intricate details in the game are in some ways more advanced than the current game.

To point out a few, the LCPD is more like a real police department and not enraged people in uniforms. The cops in Grand Theft Auto 4 have several levels of reactions. On the other hand, the LSPD is a joke.

Mechanics like disarming people by shooting the guns out of their hands was also a nice touch. NPC interactions were also closer to reality. Keeping the game's age in mind, some of the things it did were just amazing.

4) Side Activities


GTA players don't just play the game to complete the missions. The main X factor for games in the series is freedom. However, freedom doesn't just mean taking any car off the streets and painting the city red. In Grand Theft Auto 4, the side activities list was endless. This increased the level of immersion a lot. The companion system in the game lets Niko indulge in various activities.

The game had activities like bowling, darts, pool, arcade, etc. Niko could also go on dates and have a relationship in the game. Sadly, most of these features are missing from the current edition. It would be fun to see these make a comeback in Grand Theft Auto 6.

3) Choices


Another very cool thing about GTA 4 was that it allowed gamers to make certain choices. Many of them were minor, but there were major ones that altered how the story played out. Niko quite often had the opportunity to either kill or spare an enemy.

One of the best missions in the game, 'The Holland Play,' showcases this mechanic brilliantly. Niko gets a call from Playboy X as he asks Niko to kill Dwayne. After leaving the scene, Niko gets a call from Dwayne asking for Playboy X to be killed. Gamers must make a decision, and both alternatives play out quite differently.

Multiple approaches to a heist are all the current game offered in terms of choices. Freedom to approach the story mission in multiple ways is a great inclusion idea for the next game.

2) Physics Engine


GTA 4 was also monumental with its physics engine, and it was pretty realistic. Simple stuff like knocking someone over with a car had multiple outcomes. It was never the same, as the new engine considered factors like angle, force, etc. As far as the protagonist is concerned, Ragdoll physics was also on point. However, sometimes the consequences of a crash were a little exaggerated.

Jumping beside people didn't result in NPC flopping to the ground like Magikarp. With the technology available at the time of its development, the game did a great job.

1) Story


As stated above, GTA 4 is special and unique in many ways. The story was above them all. It follows the protagonist Niko Bellic who comes to Liberty City to exact his revenge. He also comes with the hope of starting afresh and leaving his past behind.

The grim approach and dark ambiance add to it all. Generally, Grand Theft Auto games linger around humor (mostly satire) and stray far away from sorrow, pain, anger, etc. But those were the exact things that made Grand Theft Auto so good.

All credits go to Niko Bellic's actor Josh Feinman and the writers. Together, they made Niko's story legendary. Players still go back to play the game today due to the connection fans share with the character. Whatever Niko did resonates with gamers as if it was them doing it.

Note: This article is subjective and solely reflects the writer's opinions.

Edited by Shaheen Banu
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