5 unbelievably hard GTA missions of all time, ranked

5 unbelievably hard GTA missions of all time, ranked
Ranking the five challenging missions in the GTA series. (Image via GTA Wiki)

The GTA series isn't particularly famous for challenging missions or a high learning curve. However, some infamous missions have imprinted themselves on the minds of gamers. While the number of such difficult missions has reduced with each new entry in the franchise thanks to updated features, Rockstar still manages to sneak a couple of tricks to stall the players.

Veterans of the series are quite familiar with the trauma of having to restart the whole mission due to the absence of checkpoints in titles like Vice City and San Andreas, which made things even harder than they should have been.

This article lists five unforgettable missions that will always go down as some of the most challenging ones in the history of GTA.

Note: This article is subjective and reflects the views of the writer.

Ranking the five most challenging missions of all time in the GTA series

5) The Driver


When it comes to giving unfair advantages to the enemy, GTA Vice City takes the cake. The Driver, on paper, is a relatively easy mission where you have to drive your Sentinel and win against Hilary. Although Sentinel is a decent car, Hilary drives a Sabre with insane acceleration.

The situation worsens when the local police department joins the chase, plunging a simple mission into chaos. So, while the players are trying to dodge the police cars, Hilary speeds off towards the finish line, forcing them to restart the mission multiple times before getting the hang of it.

4) Wrong Side of the Tracks


Grand Theft Auto San Andreas has a long list of difficult missions. While a lot of players consider the Wrong Side of the Tracks to be extremely challenging, it becomes easy once the trick is revealed. However, it definitely falls under the tough mission category.

Players not only have to align perfectly with the moving train but also maintain a constant speed to allow Big Smoke to shoot the Vagos. While it sounds quite simple, numerous things usually go wrong.

Like The Driver, this mission is also achievable once players get the hang of the track and manage time properly, completing the mission before the train escapes.

3) Death Row


Time trial missions are never easy in any GTA game, whether Vice City or San Andreas. Death Row is one such mission that has made quite a few players rage quit the game. The mission starts once Tommy hears about Lance's kidnapping and heads over to rescue him.

Players unfamiliar with GTA Vice City's map will find themselves lost all while the timer goes down. But the problems don't end here. After reaching the scrapyard, Tommy needs to fight many enemies before Lance's health bar depletes.

To end the mission successfully, players must escape the chasing NPCs while dodging bullets and out-of-control drivers on the road. With the GTA 6 announcement date around the corner, fans are looking forward to more such missions in the upcoming game.

2) Espresso 2 Go


GTA Liberty City has a couple of challenging missions, thanks to the lack of checkpoints and GPS features now present in Grand Theft Auto 5. But Espresso 2 Go might be the most infuriating one out of all of them.

The mission aims to destroy nine food stalls across the city in under seven minutes. This would have been easy if the targets were close by. But, since they are spread over a vast area, players must travel quickly, demolishing the stalls using any means necessary.

Failing to destroy the stalls means that the whole mission needs to be restarted from ground zero. This is why it is considered one of the most challenging missions in the GTA series. One can simply ram the vehicle into the target or use rocket launchers to eliminate them.

1) Demolition Man


Mixing a time mission with an RC vehicle is the perfect recipe for a rage-inducing experience. GTA Vice City's Demolition Man is one such mission that will always be remembered for broken controllers and smashed keyboards.

The mission's goal is to control an RC helicopter to pick up bombs and place them at the correct location on a multi-story construction building. But, along with cranky controls and the construction workers attacking the helicopter, it takes painfully numerous attempts to emerge successful.

What's even more infuriating is that it's not compulsory to complete the Demolition Man mission to progress through the story. Fortunately, the controls are a little better in GTA Vice City Definitive Edition, making it slightly easier to complete the task.

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