5 most underrated businesses in GTA Online


GTA Online features a number of lucrative businesses, and in this assortment, it's only natural for some decent side hustles to get lost in the hype.

While not every business in GTA Online makes a fortune worthy of cash every hour, each has its own exclusive perks.

The Air Cargo Business, for instance, has a bit of a reputation for being the most underwhelming business in GTA Online, but players often tend to forget that it adds a different dynamic to the game, allowing friends and fellow fans to have a blast crashing aeroplanes and customizing their personal aircraft to perfection.

This article talks about five businesses in the game that are either overwhelmingly underrated or unfairly despised.

Disclaimer: These are the opinions of the author

5 most underrated businesses in GTA Online

#5 - Counterfeit Cash Factory

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The Counterfeit Cash Factory is one of the most underrated businesses in GTA Online and not exactly without reason. Admittedly, it's not as profitable as some of the more advanced businesses in GTA Online like the vehicles warehouse or the Gunrunning business, but it's not totally worthless either.

Players can make a good deal of income on the side with the Cash Factory doing fun little tasks like delivering bags to the assigned locations.

#4 - Weed Farm

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The Weed Farm is unanimously agreed upon as the most mundane business in GTA Online. It doesn't help that it's also the least profitable of all the drug businesses in the game. However, it's not all doom and gloom for the ol' Farm.

While the overall profit made with the weed farm won't amount to much in GTA Online, players can quickly make a substantial return on investment by doing a couple of easy-to-grind source and sell missions.

#3 - Nightclub

While the Nightclub Business isn't exactly looked down upon, it's not a fan-favourite either. The reason why most players, especially newbie beginners, do not even consider investing in a Nightclub is that it's one of the most complicated businesses in GTA Online. It can only generate a good deal of profit if the player owns a bunch of other businesses in the game.

The Nightclub is a bit advanced in nature, but it's also one of the most profitable businesses in GTA Online. Players, especially those who own almost all the other businesses in GTA Online, should definitely consider saving up for this money-spinning gold mine.

#2 - The Arcade

Contrary to common belief, the Arcade is not only used for the Diamond Casino Heist in GTA Online. It can also be turned into a fairly decent business by adding in-demand machines to attract gamers. Players can make as much as $5,000 per in-game day when they've all the featured games installed into the Arcade.

#1 - The Air Freight Business

The Air Freight Business is unarguably the most underrated business in GTA Online. Sure, it's not exactly a good investment in terms of making money, but there's more to the Hangar than that.

Not only does it allow players to customize their aircraft, but it's also a great way to explore places that are normally not accessible to players. For example, players cannot go to Fort Zancudo without automatically inviting trouble but owning a Hangar will give them safe access to some parts of the Fort.

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