A brief analysis of various interesting GTA San Andreas theories on Big Smoke

There are many interesting theories on the fan-favorite character, Big Smoke, in GTA San Andreas (Image via GTA Wiki)
There are many interesting theories on the fan-favorite character, Big Smoke, in GTA San Andreas (Image via GTA Wiki)

It's no surprise that Big Smoke, one of GTA San Andreas's most popular characters, has many fan theories dedicated to him.

This article won't be a comprehensive list of every single theory involving Big Smoke. Instead, it will cover a few fascinating theories from different parts of the game. His memorable order is the most popular subject to these theories, but it's not the only one.

His involvement in the mission, Drive-By is another intriguing topic. Likewise, his license plate has a small bit of discussion regarding some fan theories. GTA San Andreas is a great game, so it's nice to see so many fans still discussing theories about a character like Big Smoke.

Some interesting theories on GTA San Andreas's Big Smoke

This article will cover a few interesting theories about Big Smoke (Image via Wander Vinhal)
This article will cover a few interesting theories about Big Smoke (Image via Wander Vinhal)

Big Smoke is a complicated character in GTA San Andreas. Ergo, it's not surprising that many passionate GTA San Andreas fans have created various theories about him.

Some theories make a lot of sense, while others are a stretch. Still, it's an interesting topic for discussion.

Big Smoke's infamous order


One of the most legendary moments in GTA San Andreas is when Big Smoke makes his iconic order. However, some GTA San Andreas fans theorize that he had an ulterior motive in doing so.

The most popular theory is that he was wasting time for the Ballas to get enough time to attack Grove Street. This is plausible, given it's been confirmed that he does work with the Ballas throughout the events of GTA San Andreas.

Another popular theory is that it's just a moment of comic relief. Again, it makes sense, although it isn't as interesting as the previous theory.

There are even theories on what Big Smoke actually ordered, which is a fascinating topic to read.

Was Big Smoke always supposed to be in Drive-By?


Popular GTA San Andreas YouTuber, Real KeV3n posted a fascinating theory about Big Smoke's involvement in the mission, Drive-By, earlier this year. It's not something GTA San Andreas players think about when they play the game for the first time, but it makes a lot of sense upon deeper analysis.

Big Smoke doesn't appear in the opening cutscene at all. Real KeV3n even shows that Big Smoke just teleports in front of the car, unlike the other characters who more seamlessly transition from Sweet's house to it.

He doesn't have many voice lines in this mission, either. Strangest of all, Big Smoke actually shoots at the Ballas during the mission. This is the only time he willingly attacks the Ballas in GTA San Andreas.

Hence, it makes sense that Big Smoke was added to the mission later on in development.

License plate

Big Smoke's license plate (Image via GTA Myths Wiki)
Big Smoke's license plate (Image via GTA Myths Wiki)

This is an incredibly minor theory, but an interesting one nonetheless. The license plate on Big Smoke's Glendale reads as "A2TMFK". The most popular theory for what this stands for is "A two-time mother******" given how he's associated with both Grove Street and the Ballas.

However, there is also an absurd theory that it's supposed to resemble "AZTEC," as in Cesar's gang in GTA San Andreas. This relates to an absurd theory where Cesar worked with Big Smoke, and that's how he knew everything about them.

The theory states that Cesar supposedly knew about the Green Sabre because he worked with Big Smoke, and betrayed him because he valued Kendl more, thus burying his past. Likewise, he knows where Ryder will be when they need to take some photos of him in the countryside.

It's a silly theory, but a fun one to think about.

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