5 best GTA Online vehicles for completing Time Trials, ranked

The Coil Cyclone 2 is a great choice for Time Trials in GTA Online (image via Rockstar Games)
The Coil Cyclone 2 is a great choice for Time Trials in GTA Online (Image via Rockstar Games)

The objective of Time Trials in Grand Theft Auto (GTA) Online is to go from Point A to Point B as fast as possible. Unlike usual races, players participate alone in Time Trials and try to beat the par time, receiving in-game money and RP in return if successful. Additionally, Rockstar Games has doubled the payout for Time Trials through June 7, 2023. Hence, now is the best time to grind this Freemode Event.

Most players choose the fastest vehicles for accomplishing this challenge; however, it is also important to consider how well they handle it. With that said, here is a ranked list of the five best vehicles for completing Time Trials in GTA Online.

Progen Emerus and 4 other best vehicles for completing Time Trials in GTA Online, ranked

5) Truffade Thrax


The Truffade Thrax is a Super Car added with the Diamond Casino and Resort update in July, 2019. Its design blends the Bugatti Divo, and Italdesign Zerouno, making it extremely stylish and ultra-modern. Talking about performance, Thrax can accelerate to a top speed of 124.00 mph or 199.56 km/h, which is quite fast.

It has also been officially given the maximum rating under the Handling category by Rockstar's Games. Those interested can get the Truffade Thrax in GTA Online for $2,325,000 from the Legendary Motorsport website.

4) Progen Emerus


Progen Emerus is another Super Car added with 2019's Diamond Casino and Resort update. However, it is much superior to the Truffade Thrax in many ways. Emerus has a faster top speed of 127.25 mph or 204.79 km/h. It is also one of the best handling cars in GTA Online after The Last Dose update.

Since no windows are at its rear end, the Progen Emerus is bulletproof from the back. While that isn't an asset for Time Trials, players can benefit from it in other missions and challenges. This car can be found listed on the Legendary Motorsport website for $2,750,000.

3) Dewbauchee Vagner


The Dewbauchee Vagner is a great asset for Time Trials in GTA Online. It has a low suspension and curvy design based on the Aston Martin Valkyrie, Jaguar C-X75, and the Nio EP9. While the front end is long and wide, it is relatively compact at the back, which helps it in making sharper turns.

Furthermore, Vagner can quickly achieve a top speed of 126.75 mph or 203.98 km/h thanks to its great acceleration. Players can get this car for $1,535,000 from Legendary Motorsport.

2) Coil Cyclone 2


The Coil Cyclone 2 is a variant of the electric Super Car Coil Cyclone. It boasts a sleek and aerodynamic design based on the Rimac Nevera and can hit a top speed of 119.25 mph or 191.91 km/h. While this is slower than the last few entries, it can be increased to 141.00 mph or 226.92 km/h via HSW upgrades.

Cyclone 2 is also among the fastest-accelerating cars in GTA Online. Paired with its HSW enhancements, this car can be used to complete Time Trials in no time. To get the Coil Cyclone 2, players must pay $2,250,000 on the Legendary Motorsport website.

1) Shitzu Hakuchou Drag


Besides cars, players can also use bikes to complete Time Trials. The Shitzu Hakuchou Drag is a variant of the Shitzu Hakuchou, one of GTA Online's most underrated motorcycles. That said, Hakuchou Drag's performance is much superior. It can hit a top speed of 126.50 mph or 203.58 km/h and accelerate incredibly fast.

As it qualifies for HSW upgrades, the base top speed can be enhanced to 157.50 mph or 253.47 km/h. Maneuvering a bike in the busy streets of Los Santos is also much easier than cars, making it a great fit for Time Trials. Additionally, it is extremely affordable and costs $976,000 on Legendary Motorsport.

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