5 reasons to own Thrax supercar in GTA Online Los Santos Drug Wars

The Truffade Thrax in GTA Online (Image via Rockstar Games)
The Truffade Thrax in GTA Online (Image via Rockstar Games)

Grand Theft Auto (GTA) Online is home to various supercars. They are popular within the community for their sleek design, fast speed, and utility in missions and challenges. One such vehicle is the Truffade Thrax. While it was added in July 2019 with the Diamond Casino and Resort update, its performance still outclasses some of the newest cars in the game.

However, services for the Truffade Thrax come at a cost. Thus, getting to know the vehicle is important before purchasing it. That said, here are five reasons to own a Thrax supercar in GTA Online Los Santos Drug Wars.

Great performance and 4 more reasons to own Thrax supercar in GTA Online Los Santos Drug Wars

1) Modern design


The Truffade Thrax boasts a super stylish and ultra-modern design. This GTA Online supercar is inspired by the real-life cars Bugatti Divo and Italdesign Zerouno. The front portion features carbon fiber inserts and fins close to its outer edges with dual exit vents along the car's width at the back.

Not only does the Thrax look great, but it is also quite fast, thanks to its aerodynamic design. This is also possible because of its high-performance engine that sits at the rear end.

2) Perfect alternative to Ocelot Virtue


Rockstar Games added the Ocelot Virtue to GTA Online as part of the The Last Dose update. While the Virtue is a high-performance car in itself, the Truffade Thrax is much faster. It can hit a top speed of 124.00 mph or 199.56 km/h compared to Ocelot Virtue's 119.25 mph or 191.91 km/h.

The Truffade Thrax also has a faster lap time of 0:59.261. While both these cars have similar price tags, players can only get the Ocelot Virtue in GTA Online by completing all Last Dose missions. That aside, the Truffade Thrax is just as good, if not better, in all aspects.

3) Great performance


Even while moving at its top speed of 124.00 mph, controlling the Truffade Thrax is a breeze. This is courtesy of its balanced design and high-traction tires that grip the surface. It can easily make sharp turns and isn't prone to spinning out of control while drifting.

Here are some of its performance ratings on a scale of 100 as per Rockstar Games' official website:

  • Speed - 85.04
  • Acceleration - 85.04
  • Brakes - 40.00
  • Handling - 100.00
  • Overall - 77.52

4) Fastest car by Truffade


To this day, Truffade has manufactured only five cars in GTA Online. Among its peers, the Thrax has the quickest lap time of 0:59.261. While other Truffade cars like the Z-Type and Nero have marginally better top speeds, the Thrax's build and acceleration give it an edge.

These qualities will be useful for those who use the vehicle in online races. The tracks in GTA Online races are full of twists and turns where cars such as the Thrax fare better than the rest.

5) Endless customization options


Players can customize the Truffade Thrax under a whopping 21 categories at Los Santos Customs and the Agency Workshop. These range from engine upgrades to new brakes, bumpers, transmissions, and suspensions, enhancing the car's performance.

Turbo tuning is also possible with this car, along with adding bulletproof tires. Furthermore, it has nine standard liveries with an additional Ink Inc livery that gets unlocked as a reward. With the release of the License Plate Creator website in GTA Online, players can design up to 30 custom license plates and attach one to their Truffade Thrax free of cost.

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